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Zones (also called levels or floors) are numbered areas through which you progress as part of the game's goal. You start off at zone 1, and every zone after that is 1 higher than the last one.



Each zone contains monsters that will drop Gold.png Gold upon defeat. Their HP and Gold.png Gold reward exponentially grows with the number of your zone. To unlock a new zone, you have to consecutively defeat a set amount of monsters in your current highest zone first, which increases in difficulty as you get deeper into the game.

Types of Zones

The types of zones in order are:

  1. Forest
  2. Drylands
  3. Desert
  4. Beach
  5. Mudlands
  6. Rocklands
  7. Caverns
  8. Stone Fields
  9. Tundra
  10. Astral Rift
  11. Bloodlands

After Bloodlands, the cycle repeats itself from Forest again.

Regular Zones

There are two types of zones: regular zones and boss zones. 4 in 5 zones are regular zones. They require you to kill 10 monsters in order to move onto the next one. This requirement can be lowered by obtaining and leveling Kumawakamaru.png Kumawakamaru.

Boss Zones

The second type are boss zones. They appear once every 5 levels, and they will have a special monster with much higher HP that has to be killed within 30 seconds. The upsides of boss zones are that they only require you to kill 1 monster in order to unlock the next zone, and that monsters killed in boss zones drop extra Gold.png Gold.

From floors 1-140, each boss takes nearly 10 times the DPS of the previous boss. After that, bosses will require approximately 2 times the DPS of the previous boss. Obtaining Chronos.png Chronos, will increase the amount of time you have to defeat a boss. 1 level in Chronos.png Chronos will give 1 extra second, 2 levels will give 1.97 extra seconds total, and so on, with each level giving slightly less extra time, up to a limit of 30 extra seconds total. Bubos.png Bubos reduces boss HP by a limit of 5 monsters, though this can be increased by Outsider k'ariqua.png K'Ariqua. Past zone 100 there is a chance of a primal boss, and primal bosses give pending hero souls which are hero souls you gain for ascending. You can not farm primal bosses so if the first time you fight the boss and it's primal after you kill it once it will never be primal again and if it wasn't a primal the first time you fought it the boss will never be primal. Primal bosses have a 25% chance of appearing past zone 100 and chance can be increased by Atman.png Atman by up to +75%, though this can be increased by Outsider rhageist.png Rhageist.

For monster health from zone 1 to 140, click here.

500 zones rule

As of patch 1.0e11, every 500 zones, the following changes occur:

  • +0.1 monsters per zone
  • -2% primal boss chance (minimum 5%)
  • +0.4 monsters worth of boss health
  • -2 seconds on boss timer (minimum 2 seconds)
  • Treasure chest chance multiplied by about 0.994


Ascension, a special upgrade provided by 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep, allows you to destroy your world and create a new one with added HeroSoul.png Hero Souls to speed up your progress. After ascending, you will start back at zone 1.

The End

Prior to patch 0.22, level 4725 was the highest level reachable, and the health bar on the Big Angry Potato would display as "InfinK HP". Even if over 1.8e308 damage was dealt, you still could not advance as no level was created past 4725 and the game didn't support very large numbers. The creature would display "Rekt!" below the hitbar, but the creature would not disappear. If you then tried to switch levels and go back to 4725, the level would glitch, causing a new Big Angry Potato to appear in front of the already dead one.

Bubos could bring the max level up to 4765, because the Big Angry Potato's health would increase it above 1e308, in which it was the maximum at that time. Today Monster health is encoded in BigNumber.

After Patch 0.22, the maximum reachable zone is 231-1, or 2,147,483,647, as for this is because the zone value is coded in 32-bit binary, thus the maximum reachable zone is equal to 231-1.


Achievement Name Icon Description
Zone Explorer
Zone explorer.png
Beat Zone 10.
Zone Warrior
Zone Warrior.png
Beat Zone 25.
Zone Master
Zone Master.png
Beat Zone 50.
Zone Lord
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 100.
Zone King
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 120.
Zone God
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 140.
Zone Owner
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 160.
Zone Pwn
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 1,200
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 1,400
Zone Pro
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 1,600
Zone Crusher
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 1,800
Zone Connoisseur
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 2,000
Zone Annihilator
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 2,200
End Zone
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 2,400
Zoned Out
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 2,600
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 2,800
Z 3000
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 3,000
Zone Devourer
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 3,200
Are We There Yet?
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 3,400
Zone Conqueror
Zone Lord.png
Beat Zone 3,600
Transcendent Zone Explorer
4kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 4,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Warrior
4kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 5,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Crusher
Zone 7500 achieve.png
Beat Zone 7,500 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Connoisseur
Zone 7500 achieve.png
Beat Zone 10,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Annihilator
Zone 15000 achieve.png
Beat Zone 15,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Devourer
Zone 15000 achieve.png
Beat Zone 20,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Conqueror
30kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 30,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zone Vanquisher
30kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 100,000 after transcending
Transcendent Zoneist
30kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 250,000 after transcending
Point of No Return
30kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 1,000,000 after transcending

Patch History

  • Patch 0.07 introduced two new types of zones, bringing the total number of zone types to the number it is currently, 11.
  • As of patch 0.08, Primal Bosses have been added and appear by chance beginning at Zone 105 and every 5 zones thereafter. They have the same HP as a regular boss of that zone, except they award HeroSoul.png Hero Souls after being defeated. They can be identified by a blue smoky glow and colored text Primal Hero Soul. Progress mode is unlocked to the player and stays through ascension if they reach floor 100 and automatically moves up to the highest floor when after the most recent kill or when kill count is fulfilled. It will disable, set you back a zone, and return to farming mode if you fail to kill the most recent boss within the time limit. You will not move back if you fail to kill the boss while in farming mode, so be careful.
  • In patches 0.08 and 0.09, a gift of 5 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls were awarded to the player for completing Zone 100 for the first time.
  • As of patch 0.10, Primal Bosses have increased to a 25% chance to appear on boss floors and award more HeroSoul.png Hero Souls based on the zone. Zones 90 and up now give double gold. A gilded hero is awarded for beating your all-time highest zone at zone 100, and every 10 zones thereafter. It is random for which hero you get and stays when the player ascends.
  • As of patch 1.0, the monsters at lower zones have lower HP, and the monsters at higher zones have higher HP.
  • In patch 1.0e10, monster health scaling was reworked in zones after 200k. (~8.8x hp every 5 zones)