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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
The Sight
Lvl 157500 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e2800%. "Allow me to show you what I have witnessed through the rise and fall of worlds." 8.000e72002 Gold.png
The Spark
Lvl 321000 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e2900%. "Within all of us exists the essence of heroism: the soul which gives the strength to overcome the difficult challenges ahead." 8.000e72002 Gold.png
The Shield
Lvl 490000 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e3000%. "Using this essence, we can bolster our wills. Ancient urges push us onwards to greater heights." 8.000e72002 Gold.png
The Sword
Lvl 665000 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e3100%. "Even by itself, this essence multiplies our conjoint strength." 8.000e72002 Gold.png
The Succession
Lvl 846000 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e3200%. "A soul acting alone pales to the collective." 8.000e72003 Gold.png
The Shooting Star
Lvl 1032500 Increases Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul's DPS by 1e3300%. "Our aggregation of heroism pushes us faster and faster, amassing a greater strength of wills." 4.000e72004 Gold.png
The Sacrifice
Lvl 1225000 Increases DPS of all heroes by 11%. "All that has life must eventually die, sacrificed for the progress of future generations." 4.000e72005 Gold.png



  • Heroes tend to have a lower DPS/Gold.png Gold ratio at base (a.k.a. "efficiency") the stronger they get. However, Yachiyl has a higher efficiency than any other hero before her, making her incredibly useful.
  • The Maw with all upgrades is stronger than Yachiyl without any upgrades.
  • Cid-Summer.png Cid, the Helpful Adventurer and Yachiyl both have 7 upgrades each, the most of any hero.
  • She was the last hero added in the 1e10 patch.
  • It is a common belief on this wiki that she is the reincarnation of Cid.
    • This is supported by her title, “The Primordial Soul”, which means the first soul, which in this case is Cid.
    • Both heroes are the only heroes to have seven upgrades.
    • Her description also says “the cycle is complete,” which could be a reference to starting the game with Cid and ending with Yachiyl.
  • On mobile devices, clicking on the level number needed to unlock the last two upgrades will call the equivalent phone number.

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