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Xyliqil is an Outsider that increases idle bonuses. As Xyliqil helps indirectly, its benefits are only seen if using idle Ancients.

Xyliqil increases the effectiveness of Siyalatas.png Siyalatas, Libertas.png Libertas, and Nogardnit.png Nogardnit.

Level Cumulative cost (AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls) Effect (Bonus to idle ancients)
1 1 +50%
2 3 +125%
3 6 +237%
4 10 +406%
5 15 +659%
n (n2+n)/2 +(1.5n-1)×100%


Xyliqil is not very useful at first, but does have a certain amount of use. Before purchasing the player’s first Auto Clicker, the ability is only useful for Siyalatas and Libertas, which even then are incredibly helpful for idle builds and even hybrid builds to get past the first 200,000 zones or so. However, after purchasing one Auto Clicker, this is when he starts to really be useful. Because of the ability, Nogardnit is no longer dead weight and provides a massive buff for idle damage. Not only that, but the damage of Nogardnit and the damage of Siyalatas is multiplicative, meaning if Siyalatas’ bonus is +1.000e25x and Nogardnit’s bonus is +1.000e23 times, the damage bonus will be +1.000e48x, not +1.010e25x.


Prior to patch 1.0e10, Xyliqil's effect was a flat +100% per level, and cost 1 AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls per level.


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