Xyliqil is an Outsider that increases idle bonuses. As Xyliqil helps indirectly, its benefits are only seen if using idle Ancients. For this reason, Xyliqil is essential in idle and hybrid builds, but active builds will not need to spend any Ancient Souls on Xyliqil. Xyliqil is also useful for Timelapses.

Xyliqil increases the effectiveness of Siyalatas Siyalatas, Libertas Libertas, and Nogardnit Nogardnit.

Level Cumulative cost (AncientSoul Ancient Souls) Effect (Bonus to idle ancients)
1 1 +50%
2 3 +125%
3 6 +237%
4 10 +406%
5 15 +659%
n (n2+n)/2 +(1.5n-1)×100%


Prior to patch 1.0e10, Xyliqil's effect was +100% per level, and cost 1 AncientSoul Ancient Souls per level.


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