Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Lvl 25 Increases Wepwawet's DPS by 200%. 1.000e236 Gold.png
Lvl 100 Increases Wepwawet's DPS by 250%. 2.500e236 Gold.png
Way of the Chef
Lvl 1500 Increases Betty Clicker's DPS by 500,000,000%. 1.000e237 Gold.png
Way of Kings
Lvl 2000 Increases King Midas's DPS by 10,000,000,000%. 8.000e237 Gold.png



  • Wepwawet was the only hero to have upgrades that increase the DPS of exactly one other hero until patch 1.0e10. This may be a way to balance out the fact that those heroes do not have any self-DPS upgrades (with Betty having only global DPS upgrades, and Midas having only Gold.png Gold-related upgrades).
  • Wepwawet was the most expensive hero and highest level need character before the 1.0e3 patch.
  • Wepwawet was the first hero since Dread Knight who doesn't use the typical "Level 10-25-50-100" Upgrade requirements.
  • Wepwawet is the only hero whose upgrades have no description.


  • Wepwawet is an Egyptian deity associated with war (as a scout), then death opening the way to the afterlife.
  • He is the last of five new heroes introduced with the 0.24 Patch.

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