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I'm GoBo15. I play Clicker Heroes and it is my goal to keep this wiki up to date, especially with our gameplay guides.


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Hero Wepwawet
  • He's like three heroes in one, since he gives a +500,000,000% boost to Betty Clicker and a +10,000,000,000% boost to Midas.
  • I wish they made a hero with a Wepwawet style upgrade that boosted Cid.
Ancient Juggernaut
  • He gives you more damage when you click
  • He is what made Active good.
Outsider Borb
Outsider borb.png
  • He is the only outsider that matters right now...
Upgrade Yachiyl's The Sacrifice
  • I'm convinced it's a placeholder for some cool new feature!
Currency Rubies
Ruby (1).png
  • So much valuable stuff in the Ruby Shop
  • It's the only currency, besides Forge Cores, that doesn't decrease in value as you get more of it
Ruby Shop Item Auto Clicker
Autoclicker default.png
  • It's the only item in the Ruby Shop whose effects cannot be achieved through other means in the game
  • It can be bought multiple times!
  • It lasts through Ascensions and Transcensions!
Skill Golden Clicks
Golden Clicks..png
  • Pluto is making that one easy for me! I love how OP it is!
Hotkey T
  • Lets you choose your own default multiplier.
Patch 1.0
  • They added Transcendence!