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Here is the way that the game depicts different numbers and what their official names are. Each representative character is comprised of 1000 of the previous, or 1000 times greater.

Scientific notation is used to show very large numbers in a compact space. 1470000000 turns into "1.47e9", where "eX" is 10X. The number X also represents the number of times the decimal places is moved to the right in the notation.

Scientific Notation In-Game Shorthand Composition Textual # of Thousands
1e3 1K 1,000 One Thousand 1
1e6 1M 1,000K One Million 2
1e9 1B 1,000M One Billion 3
1e12 1T 1,000B One Trillion 4
1e15 1q 1,000T One Quadrillion 5
1e18 1Q 1,000q One Quintillion 6
1e21 1s 1,000Q One Sextillion 7
1e24 1S 1,000s One Septillion 8
1e27 1O 1,000S One Octillion 9
1e30 1N 1,000O One Nonillion 10
1e33 1d 1,000N One Decillion 11
1e36 1U 1,000d One Undecillion 12
1e39 1D 1,000U One Duodecillion 13
1e42 1! 1,000D One Tredecillion 14
1e45 1@ 1,000! One Quattuordecillion 15
1e48 1# 1,000@ One Quindecillion 16
1e51 1$ 1,000# One Sexdecillion 17
1e54 1% 1,000$ One Septendecillion 18
1e57 1^ 1,000% One Octodecillion 19
1e60 1& 1,000^ One Novemdecillion 20
1e63 1* 1,000& One Vigintillion 21
1e66 1000* 1,000* One Unvigintillion 22
1e69 1,000×1e66 One Duovigintillion 23
1e72 1,000×1e69 One Trevigintillion 24
1e75 1,000×1e72 One Quattuorvigintillion 25
1e78 1,000×1e75 One Quinvigintillion 26
1e81 1,000×1e78 One Sexvigintillion 27
1e84 1,000×1e81 One Septenvigintillion 28
1e87 1,000×1e84 One Octovigintillion 29
1e90 1,000×1e87 One Novemvigintillion 30
1e93 1,000×1e90 One Trigintillion 31
1e96 1,000×1e93 One Untrigintillion 32
1e99 1,000×1e96 One Duotrigintillion 33
1e102 1,000×1e99 One Tretrigintillion 34
1e105 1,000×1e102 One Quattuortrigintillion 35
1e108 1,000×1e105 One Quintrigintillion 36
1e111 1,000×1e108 One Sextrigintillion 37
1e114 1,000×1e111 One Septentrigintillion 38
1e117 1,000×1e114 One Octotrigintillion 39
1e120 1,000×1e117 One Novemtrigintillion 40
1e123 1,000×1e120 One Quadragintillion 41
1e126 1,000×1e123 One Unquadragintillion 42
1e129 1,000×1e126 One Duoquadragintillion 43
1e132 1,000×1e129 One Trequadragintillion 44
1e135 1,000×1e132 One Quattuorquadragintillion 45
1e138 1,000×1e135 One Quinquadragintillion 46
1e141 1,000×1e138 One Sexquadragintillion 47
1e144 1,000×1e141 One Septenquadragintillion 48
1e147 1,000×1e144 One Octoquadragintillion 49
1e150 1000×1e147 One Novemquadragintillion 50
1e153 1000×1e150 One Quinquagintillion 51
1e156 1000×1e153 One Unquinquagintillion 52
1e159 1000×1e156 One Duoquinquagintillion 53

There are far too many number names attainable in the game to possibly list here. If you want to know what numbers come after Duoquinquagintillion, go here.


  • "n!" in normal mathematics represents n factorial, which is n*(n-1)*(n-2)...*2*1. Therefore 1000! would become 1000*999*998...*2*1 ≈ 4.02e2567, much more than the value of "1000!" in-game. In comparison, there are roughly only 1e80 particles in the universe!
  • "%" divides a number by 100 in mathematics whereas the in-game version multiplies it by 1e54.