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Default chest

A chest that was clicked on.

Treasure chests are a rare mob that can appear in any non-boss level. They drop 10 times more Gold.png Gold than a normal mob does, although some ancients can improve this. The default spawn rate for treasure chests is 1% (1 out of 100 mobs).

  • Dora.png Dora makes them appear more often, and can be boosted by Outsider sen-akhan.png Sen-Akhan. At the limit, treasure chests will always appear, except for boss zones every 5 levels, and Relic Ooze.pngRelic Oozes, up to once each ascension.
  • Mimzee.png Mimzee increases how much Gold.png Gold they give out, starting with a +50% boost. This can be increased without end, and will eventually make treasure chests the only source of income for any player, rendering all normal monsters (and bosses) useless in terms of earning Gold.png Gold.
  • Fortuna.png Fortuna gives a chance of platinum coins, worth 10× the normal Gold.png Gold coins, and can apply to treasure chests as well. When this occurs, a single treasure chest is worth 100 normal monsters, and that is before the effect of Mimzee.png Mimzee.


Achievement Name Icon Description
Treasure Hunter
The 1%.png
Open 10,000 treasure chests
Swiggity swooty...