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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Endless Appetite
Lvl 111000 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2000%. You search your bags for something to feed it but all you find is a strange assortment of currencies. Thankfully, it only seems interested in consuming gold. 8.000e45502 Gold.png
Metabolic Juice
Lvl 227500 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2100%. As it eats more and more of your gold, The Maw begins mutate, leaking fluid everywhere. Don't breathe that! 8.000e45502 Gold.png
Chitinous Spines
Lvl 350000 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2200%. It appears to be evolving. Gross! Yay! 8.000e45502 Gold.png
Apomorphic Wings
Lvl 478000 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2300%. Pretty doubtful that The Maw can actually fly. 8.000e45502 Gold.png
Vestigial Legs
Lvl 612500 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2400%. You have no idea if these count towards increasing the average limbs per hero. 8.000e45502 Gold.png
Lvl 752500 Increases The Maw's DPS by 1e2500%. As it ingests a large pile of gold, the sacks on The Maw's back pop to reveal that it's now The Ma. 8.000e45502 Gold.png



  • Heroes tend to have a lower DPS/Gold.png Gold ratio at base (a.k.a. "efficiency") the stronger they get. However, The Maw has a higher efficiency than any other hero before it, making it incredibly useful. This hero is a break compared to the Tomb Guardians as you get your upgrades extremely quickly due to the damage The Maw does.


  • The Maw may be a reference to a video game of the same name.
  • The Maw, Ivan and King Midas are the only heroes in the game to have 6 upgrades rather than the standard 4 or 5.
  • The Maw is the only non-humanoid hero.
  • The Maw's Vestigial Legs ability description referrence's Chiron's bio, specifically the average limbs per hero.

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