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"Getting tired of killing monsters? Need a break? Want to get away, but feel obligated to stay? Now you can have your cake and eat it too!"


+25% to 15% DPS (down 1% every 10 levels, until the effect per level is at 15%) when idle, although this effect can be increased by Outsider xyl.png Xyliqil.

Idle mode is activated when you don't click the monster for one minute straight. If you click twice in a five-minute period, then idle mode will cancel, but one mis-click in that time won't count against you. You may collect Orangefish.png so long as you don't try to click them more than once. Exactly what they need to proc and no more.

Using skills will break idle (not anymore as of 1.0e11), even if the skill activated isn't Clickstorm, but you can only use 1 per 60 seconds because it will count as your 1 misclick for that 60 seconds

For getting past the early levels or those who wish to have the game in the background this ancient is extremely useful. With your DPS getting upwards of 50 times or more its base the early floors will be rushed through with maximum efficiency.

Leveling Siyalatas

Siyalatas's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Siyalatas's cost per level is n, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Lvl Cost DPS increase when idle Lvl Cost DPS increase when idle
1 Summon cost +25% 40 40 +936%
2 2 +50% 50 50 +1145%
3 3 +75% 60 60 +1344%
4 4 +100% 70 70 +1533%
5 5 +125% 80 80 +1712%
10 10 +249% 90 90 +1881%
20 20 +488% 100 100 +2040%
30 30 +717% n n (see effect above)


  • Siyalatas when pronounced, sounds like "See-ya-laters".
  • Prior to patch 0.13, this Ancient gave 25% bonus per level for each level.
  • The description at the end, says "Now you can have your cake and eat it too!". It is a reference to a phrase "have your cake and eat it too", which means that you can't have both things at the same time.

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