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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Abandoned Regret
Lvl 10 Increases Sir George II, King's Guard's DPS by 100%. Though he swore to uphold his vows to protect his King, the guard must move on with his life. "It will take some effort", he says. 4.500e12 Gold.png
Offensive Strategies
Lvl 25 Increases Sir George II, King's Guard's DPS by 100%. "I no longer protect my King. He has lost his way, and I am in your service now." He is willing to learn new fighting strategies. 1.125e13 Gold.png
Combat Strategy
Lvl 50 Increases Sir George II, King's Guard's DPS by 100%. As of late, the mood of Sir George II has improved significantly. This upgrade provides a massive improvement to George's DPS. 4.500e13 Gold.png
Burning Blade
Lvl 75 Increases Sir George II, King's Guard's DPS by 150%. Lindeoven can enchant George's weapon with fire. 3.600e14 Gold.png
King's Pardon
Lvl 100 Increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS. "Even though he lost his way, my King was still mine to protect and I felt much regret leaving his side. This pardon has lifted a great weight off my shoulders." 3.600e15 Gold.png



  • His name is a reference to Saint George and the Dragon. That his name is Sir George II would imply he is the dragon-slaying George's son.
  • This hero is known as "Malachite Warrior" in the inner game files, as visible in the Steam version of The Game, which hints him to a premise much more relevant to his looks(malachite being a carbonate stone of green coloration) than his actual description.

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