A save file is a series of characters that can be decoded by Clicker Heroes, allowing it to read the state of the player's game at the time the save file was made.


The save file format of version 2.6.4 is as follows:

save file = 32 bit hash | b64encodedPart

The save file starts with a 32 bit hash, followed by base 64 encoded data. The encoded data is zlib compressed JSON.

A save file can be decoded with the following bash command:

cat savefile | tail -c+33 | base64 -d | zlib-flate -uncompress

Or equivalently, with the following python commands:

import base64
import zlib


A save file could look like this:


Where 7a990d4252c6fb53aacfbb0ec1a3b23 is the hash and eNrtXV1z27iS/SspvW6uCt8g5y1xnI+7k0nG... is the base64 encoded and zlib compressed json data.

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