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A ruby

Rubies are the premium currency in Clicker Heroes. They can be obtained from clickables, mercenary quests, or by purchasing them from the Shop using real money.

Obtaining Rubies

From the Shop

Rubies can be purchased directly via real money on all providers, except Kongregate and Coolmath Games.
Kongregate users will need to purchase Kreds to their account first and use those to buy the rubies. Mobile rubies runs under the economy of 10 times the amount of PC rubies, hence the purchased amount would also be 10 times that of PC. Coolmath does not provide a way to buy rubies.

Amount USD Kreds Bonus
20 $1.99 19 0%
55 $4.99 49 10%
115 $9.99 99 15%
240 $19.99 199 20%
625 $49.99 499 25%
1300 $99.99 999 30%

Free Rubies


  • From Clickables
    • Clickables have a 44% chance to drop a ruby when clicked upon. On top of that, you have a 4% chance to get a 2nd ruby from a clickable, or more with Revolc.png Revolc.
  • From Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries can be sent on specific quests to obtain rubies (or a chance to obtain rubies).
    • Another way to obtain rubies is to open Clickmas presents, obtained from the Clickmas event or from Mercenary quests.

On Mobile (iOS/Android)

  • From Achievements
  • From Clickables (4x the base of the PC version)
  • From watching videos (5 every hour)
  • From watching videos after boss failed until the app re-launched (25 every hour)
  • From mercenaries


  • Developers occasionally publish limited-user promo codes for free rubies on the official Twitter page and/or Reddit page.
    • Promo codes can be redeemed by clicking the "Redeem" button in the bottom right corner of the Options menu and the menu button is shaped like a spanner.

Spending Rubies


The Shop

Most Ruby purchases can be made from the Ruby Shop, which is accessed by clicking the green button below the monster HP bar.

Note: On websites such as Armor Games, you must create an account and log in to it in order to use the shop. This can be avoided by going to the spanner at the top right, pressing it, clicking the 'save' button, saving your progress somewhere on your device, opening the original Clicker Heroes website, pressing the spanner on it in the top right, clicking 'import' to paste your data there and then you will be able to play with the shop.

Item Cost in Rubies Effect State after Ascension State after Transcension
Timelapse 10 (8hr)
20 (24hr)
30 (48hr)
50 (168hr)
Fast-forward 8, 24, 48 or 168 hours in time. Your cooldowns refresh, and you get a certain amount of gold based on your DPS and highest zone. It also progresses through zones and takes time off mercenary quests. Lost Lost
Auto Clicker 100 + 50 × current number of Auto Clickers owned Auto Clickers can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and click monsters for you! Auto clickers on the monster stack unlimitedly, clicking exponentially more times per stack (starting at 10 CPS), exceeding the click limit. Remain Remain
Quick Ascension 50 Additional Hero Souls will be added to the current total (not the "Ascend for" total) without resetting the levels. One Ascension will also be added to the total Ascensions in the stats.

(The Quick Ascension reward is equal to the Sum of Hero Souls from all non-Centennial bosses beaten up to your HZE * Chance of Boss being Primal + Sum of Hero Souls from Centennials up to zone 1 million. This includes Hero Souls from Transcendent Power.)

Remain Lost
2x multiplier to all your damage forever 50 Adds a permanent 2x multiplier to all damage. Can be purchased only once. Remain Remain
3 Random Gilded Heroes 30 Up to 3 heroes will have a gild added. One hero may be gilded more than once with this purchase. Only seen heroes can be selected. Heroes marked as LOCKED on the Gilded Heroes screen are not eligible.
(The Gilded Heroes screen can be reached by clicking the "?" button in the Shop or by clicking the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Heroes list.)
Remain Lost at first, but restored gradually
3 Relics 40 Gives you 3 random Relics without having to hunt for them.

(You need to ascend at least once in order to unlock this purchase.)

Remain Lost

Other Purchases

There are also a few purchases which can't be made directly from the shop.

Action Cost in rubies Where to find it When it can be found
Create a new clan 50 One of the two buttons under the Clans tab As long as you're not in a clan already
Immediately fight an Immortal, without having to wait 10 At the bottom of the Today's Raid tab When you've already damaged the Immortal 3 times that day or less than 3 times but the last time was less than an hour ago, and the Immortal hasn't been beaten yet.
Instantly hire a new Mercenary 40 At the bottom of the Mercenary tab As long as you have less than 5 Mercenaries
Revive a Mercenary 10 + ceil(1.5^(Mercenary level)) It's a green sprite below the HP bar of one of your Mercenaries After a Mercenary has died, but before it has been buried

On iOS/Google Play (Android)

Item Cost in rubies Effect After Ascension After Transcension
2x Damage Multiplier 500 Adds a permanent 2x multiplier to all damage. Can be purchased only once. Retained Retained
+1 Auto Tapper 1000 + 500 × current amount of Autoclicker default.png Auto Clicker owned Auto Tappers can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and tap monsters for you! Auto tappers on the monster stack unlimitedly, tapping exponentially more times per stack (starting at 10 TPS), exceeding the tap limit. Retained Retained
Timelapse 100 (8hr)
200 (24hr)
300 (48hr)
Instantly get 8, 24, or 48 hours of offline progress. Lost Lost
3 Gilded Heroes 200 Up to 3 heroes will have a gild added. One hero may be gilded more than once with this purchase. Retained Lost at first, but restored gradually
Quick Ascension 500 Additional Hero Souls will be added to the current total (not the "Ascend for" total) without resetting the levels.

(You need to defeat level 105 to unlock Hero Souls.)

Retained Lost
3 Relics 400 Gives you 3 random Relics without having to hunt for them. Retained Lost


Achievement Name Icon Description
Seeing Red
Complete 5 quests for Rubies.
The Red Baron
Complete 25 quests for Rubies.
Red Tide
Complete 100 quests for Rubies.
Red Sea
Complete 500 quests for Rubies.
Red Planet
Complete 2500 quests for Rubies.

Tips On Spending Rubies

  • In early game: The first thing you will want to buy are 2 Autoclicker default.png Auto Clickers. Next, you want to buy the Double Damage upgrade, this is optional. Buy 3 more Autoclicker default.png Auto Clickers and begin saving rubies.
  • In late game: Buy Timelapses and Quick Ascensions. As you progress further and further, it becomes more and more efficient to Quick Ascend rather than World Ascend. Once you reach Zone 50K depending on your Ruby amount, you will want to start Timelapsing. Follow the timelapse calculator accordingly. At around Zone 250K, depending on your Ruby amount you will want to start Quick Ascending overr and over until you reach the cap at Zone 1 Million. You should then begin Timelapsing again. When you start your transcension to 1 million, the timelapse calculator will say for you to save rubies, do this as you’ll need around 3300 rubies (33000 on mobile) to use quick ascensions from zone 250k to 1m.


  • The Ruby Shop (and with it, the Ruby system) was introduced in patch 0.17c. It only sold Timelapses, Gilded Heroes, and Quick Ascensions at that time though.
  • Patch 1.0 limited the amount of clickables that could award rubies to 25 per ascension.
  • Patch 1.0e10 added 24 and 48-hour timelapses which cost 20 and 30 rubies, and halved the cost of an 8-hour timelapse.
  • Patch 1.0e11 removed the cap of 25 clickables that could drop rubies. It also added a 168-hour timelapse and made Quick Ascension's hero soul reward stop growing after zone 1 million.
  • In the 2017 April Fool's Day event, clicking the hero's faces could possibly give you rubies.

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