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Looking for a good place to advertise your clan? If so, this is the best place to do it! Put any advertisements you have involving your clan below, instead of on other pages! This will not only help to reduce spam, but also give others a good, reliable place to search for clans! So please, only post clan advertisements on this page. Feel free to raise awareness to your clan here.

If you are looking for a clan, go through the list of clan comments below. If none are suitable for you, you may make a comment mentioning that you are looking for a clan. Give your immortal damage and your amount of activity; giving your HZE is optional. It is recommended to look mainly through the latest comments, to prevent yourself from joining a clan that has been deleted or is already full.

If your clan is full, edit your comment mentioning that it is, so that an admin may delete it to allow the rest of the comments to be easier to find. On the other hand, if you have found a clan to join, edit your comment mentioning that you have found one.

Below are some basic keys for tags you can use when advertising your clan on this page. Using these can help others easily see what requirements/stats your clan has. You're not obligated to use any of them, but they may make your advertisement look much better!

HZE desired

Use the HZE Desired tag to show how high you want a member's HZE to be!

  • HZE Desired: (Your desired HZE that players who join have)
  • No HZE Requirements: Anyone can join your clan!

Use these guidelines, and you will be sure to have people rushing to join

  • How often you buy the bonus raid
  • Needs to have Transcended/Ascended
  • How often you must help fight the immortal to prevent being kicked
  • Mention your clan name
  • Anything else creative you can think of

Note: Please try to reply in a way that doesn't fill up this page. Also, do not edit this page with your clan recruitment, just post in the comments.

Have fun!

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