Quick Ascensions give you HeroSoul Hero Souls without needing to ascend so that you can immediately buy or upgrade Ancients. The amount of souls depends on your game progress, starting at 7 if you are in a new game, or several hundred if you've been playing a while. The amount resets once you transcend. Buying one will also add 1 ascension to your total, seen in the stats tab.

Quick Ascensions are available in the Ruby Shop for 50 Ruby Rubies.

The formula for QA is the following:

(BaseTPReward + BasePrimalReward × PonyboyMutliplier) × PrimalChance

BaseTPReward = 20 × (((1 + TP) ^ (UncappedBosses + 1) - 1) / TP)

BasePrimalReward = Sum from 1 to TotalBosses: ((boss + 4) / 5) ^ 1.3

Bosses = Floor((CapZone-100)/5)


It's a good idea to buy a Quick Ascension immediately after you transcend. The bonuses that come with Outsiders apply to Ancients, so if you don't immediately ascend then you'll be waiting a long time to take advantage of the Transcendence.