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Primal Bosses may replace the ordinary boss that appears every 5 floors after Zone 100. Their HP is the same as a regular boss of that zone, but they will give you HeroSoul Hero Souls upon defeating them. The number of HeroSoul Hero Souls given increases with floor number. It always says '______ hero soul', whether or not there is more than 1 HeroSoul Hero Souls gained.

The base spawn chance of Primal Bosses are 25%. Players can increase the spawn chance up to 100% by summoning and leveling Atman Atman. There are two kinds of exceptions to this, zones 110, 120, and 130, and bosses that appear every 100 zones from 100 to 1000, otherwise known as Centurion bosses. In both of these exceptions the boss will always be primal (the console version of the game seems not to follow the rule of always having primal bosses on 110, 120, and 130 -- merely, the standard chance of such bosses as on any other boss level).

Note that only the first boss on a given floor can ever be Primal. If you defeat the boss of a floor and then return to fight the boss again, the additional bosses will never be Primal. However, if you encounter a Primal Boss and then leave the floor or get defeated, the boss will still be Primal when you return.

Hero Souls From Bosses

There are two kinds of HeroSoul Hero Souls that Primal Bosses give. Both receive bonuses from Ponyboy, which increase the amount of HeroSoul Hero Souls received.

Ordinary Hero Souls

The first kind of HeroSoul Hero Souls that a Primal Boss gives. All players receive this kind of HeroSoul Hero Souls.

The amount of ordinary hero souls at a particular floor is:

$ \left (\frac{floor-80}{25} \right )^{1.3} \times (1+PonyboyBonus) $

Transcendent Hero Souls

The second kind of HeroSoul Hero Souls that a Primal Boss gives. Only players who have transcended receive this kind of HeroSoul Hero Souls.

The amount of transcendent hero souls at a particular floor is:

$ 20\times (1+TranscendentPower)^{\frac{floor}{5}-20}\times (1+PonyboyBonus) $


  • The two kinds of hero souls are displayed separately on PC version; they are summed up and displayed as one number on mobile version.
  • Omeet, the Centurion Boss at floor 100, always gives 1 ordinary hero soul and 0 transcendent hero souls, regardless of bonuses.

Special Centurion Bosses

Every 100 floors from floor 100 to floor 1000, there is a special Centurion Boss, which only appears on that floor. Defeating those bosses for the first time grants achievements.

Zone Centurion Boss Image
100 Omeet Omeet
200 The Green One Green One
300 Woodchip, the Rodent Woodchip
400 Queen of Bloops Queen Bloop
500 Doppler, the Robot Doppler
600 Rashon, the Duke Rashon
700 The Dark Wizard Dark Wizard
800 Tako, Head of the Octopi Tako
900 Tako Returns Tako Returns
1000 Lagomorph of Caerbannog Lagomorph of Caerbannog
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