Ponyboi is one of the nine Outsiders in Clicker Heroes. aguably the most important outsider, Ponyboi increases the number of Hero Souls gained from Primal Bosses, which, however, excludes Omeet, who only gives 1 Hero Soul upon defeat.


Level Cost per level (Ancient Souls) Cumulative cost (Ancient Souls) Effect (Primal Hero Soul increase)
1 1 1 +1000%
2 2 3 +4000%
3 3 6 +9000%
4 4 10 +16000%
5 5 15 +25000%
n n (n2+n)/2 +(1000n2)%


Ponyboi was added to the game in Patch 1.0, and originally increased the effectiveness of Solomon, who was removed later on in Patch 1.0e10. Ponyboi now takes on the function of Solomon himself, directly increasing the amount of Hero Souls gained from Primal Bosses.


  • If you have Ponyboi leveled at 21 or higher, a new stat will appear under the 'Transcensions' section of the stats page saying that your Ponyboi status is Golden, in reference to the movie and book, The Outsiders.
  • The developers of Clicker Heroes considered reducing Ponyboi's formula to +(100n2)% in patch 1.0e11, but that idea was scrapped.

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