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Create any polls you like about Clicker Heroes! This page was created to have fun, promote activity, learn to edit, and view different users opinions. You can view more information on topics discussed in polls from the Wiki Content page.

How to create a poll

Creating a poll is very easy, and you can make your own by following these instructions:

Copy the following code below:

      #. Enter your question here.
      Choice 1
      Choice 2
  1. Use the edit button in the top right to open the editor of this page
  2. Click the Source tab at the top to switch to source mode and view/edit the pages code.
  3. Paste the copied code below the area it says Add new polls here in the Source tab.
  4. Enter the number and question for your poll where it says '#. Enter your question here.'
  5. Add choices under your question. Every choice should be on its own line.
  6. After adding the last choice, save it by pressing the Publish button in the top right.

You have successfully added a new poll!

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