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"You feel appreciated as you approach this monument. Your hard work and dedication start to payoff."


+30% gold from Golden Clicks per level.

Leveling Pluto, Ancient of Wealth

The cost of leveling up Pluto is your current Ancient Summoning cost (Which seems to follow no real equation but grows exponentially, see Ancients for prices.) at level 1, and then costs n HeroSoul.png Hero Souls to level up, n being equal to the next level.

There is no maximum level for this ancient.

Lvl Cost Gold.png Gold/Click
1 +30%
2 2 +60%
3 3 +90%
4 4 +120%
5 5 +150%
n n +(n*30)%


  • Pluto refers to the Roman god of wealth, Plutus (often confused/assimilated with Pluto, god of the Underworld), from which we get the term "plutocracy".
  • If you take a screenshot of the Ancient in-game and zoom in about 600%, you can see a red pixel right next to the golden sphere in his lap.
  • Once you get Pluto to level 330, the Golden Clicks ability description box looks like this:
    Golden Clicks-0.png

    (Notice that the bosses still only give 0.1% per click)
  • Pluto was removed from the game in patch 1.0, but reintroduced in patch 1.0e10, which may have been to balance out the removal of Solomon.png Solomon.
  • The Ancient’s head is shaped like Saturn, the sixth planet from our Sun.
  • This is the only ancient to have been removed and brought back in two different updates.

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