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Phandoryss is one of the 9 Outsiders in Clicker Heroes.

Level Cumulative cost (AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls) Effect (DPS increase)
1 1 +100%
2 2 +200%
3 3 +300%
4 4 +400%
5 5 +500%
n n +(100n)%


Phandoryss is leveled moderately throughout the game. Because of his lack of cost scaling, he is often leveled to a high level and is used as a bank for extra AS, when more important Outsiders such as Borb or Chor'gorloth have been leveled.

Phandoryss' primary use is for FANT(First Ascension of New Transcension), where there are not many Hero Souls to boost DPS.

Phandoryss' DPS buff does not stack with the buffs from Ancients or Hero Souls. This is why it is not leveled excessively.


  • Phandoryss was added to the game in Patch 1.0, and originally increased the player's transcendent power. It wasn't until Patch 1.0e10 that his function was changed.

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