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Orphalas is one of the Outsiders in Clicker Heroes. Orphalas increases the effectiveness of Chronos.png Chronos.

Level Cumulative cost (AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls) Effect (Chronos increase)
1 1 +75%
2 3 +150%
3 6 +225%
4 10 +300%
5 15 +375%
n (n2+n)/2 +(75n)%


Orphalas has limited use. Early on, Orphalas boosts Boss Timer by a significant amount. However, they quick scaling and overall negliglible effect provided by Chronos causes Orphalas to quickly lose value. Past a certain HZE, Orphalas does not offer much value at all, and you can stop leveling him entirely.


  • He is one of four Outsiders to be added in Patch 1.10.
  • He is the only Outsider who’s name starts with a vowel.

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