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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Travel Supplies
Lvl 10 Increases Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana's DPS by 100%. Equipped with everything you need. Includes flashlight, sleeping gear, and lets not forget Bloop mace. 1.000e101 Gold.png
Lvl 25 Increases Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana's DPS by 100%. "Watch your step unless you're my mother-in-law. Just kidding, I sent her through one of those last Wednesday." 2.500e101 Gold.png
Travel Potion
Lvl 50 Increases Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana's DPS by 100%. "Bottoms up. You don't want travel sickness do you? It's much like sea sickness, but the effects come out the other end." 1.000e102 Gold.png
Traveling Sword
Lvl 100 Increases Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana's DPS by 150%. "To protect against bandits of course. Don't worry, I have a license for this." 8.000e102 Gold.png



  • Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana, when pronounced, is the punchline of an old knock-knock joke. "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" Likely not coincidentally, Gladeye's color palete is orange and yellow, the colors of oranges and bananas.
  • Gladeye is a possible reference to GLaDOS from Portal game. Portals (orange ring) are also orange in-game. GLaDOS is evil "travel guide". Her 2nd upgrade is also named Portal.
  • Orntchya looks very much like Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series of games. Her gilded form shows her in a swimsuit, a reference to Metroid's "Justin Bailey" mode and the fact that beating the game with a fast time shows Samus in a swimsuit after the credits.

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