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This page is meant for players who are new to the game, having just started Clicker Heroes, and have not yet reached zone 300. At Zone 300, the ability to Transcend is unlocked, and many experienced players advise to Transcend at that zone.

The Basics of Clicker Heroes

The goal of Clicker Heroes is to optimize the speed at which you progress through zones. Each zone has a monster with a certain amount of health, and you will have to kill a certain amount of monsters to advance to the next zone. Every 5 zones, there is a Boss with 10x the health of a normal monster (which increases with zone count, and can be decreased with Bubos, Ancient of Diseases). On a Boss zone, there is a timer, and you will have to kill the Boss monster within the given time or you will fail the zone. Because of this, it is important to maximize your damage early on so you can pass through zones quickly. (Later on in the game, the focus will shift, but for now, maximizing DPS is your goal.)

This guide will teach you the fastest way to get to Zone 300.

Optimal Hero Leveling

By clicking on the monsters with your mouse and gaining 5 coins, the first hero you hire is Cid-Summer.png Cid, the Helpful Adventurer. She will help upgrade your click damage, making it easier for your to progress through the zones. Once you get her to level 10, you can get her first upgrade, which is called Big Clicks and will double her click damage.

This is Cid's first upgrade, Big Clicks

Now when you get enough gold to hire 2treebeast.png Treebeast, do so. He will deal damage over time, called DPS (damage per second). This kind of damage is different from click damage, as you won't need to click for him to do damage because he will damage the monsters himself. Level him up to level 10, and buy his first upgrade, called Fertilizer, which will double his DPS. Note that each level requires more and more gold to level up a hero. This is because every level requires about 1.07× as much gold to level up, while the damage increase is linear until level 200. This is why it is not optimal to focus all of your gold into one hero, at least not yet.

You will then earn enough gold to hire 3ivan.png Ivan, the Drunken Brawler, and then level him up. You'll want to get him to level 10, where you will be able to buy his first upgrade, Hard Cider. You will then hire Brittany nogild.png Brittany, Beach Princess, level her up to level 10, and buy her first upgrade. You will do the same with 5fisherman.png The Wandering Fisherman, levelling him up to level 10, buying his first upgrade. Now level up Cid-Summer.png Cid, the Helpful Adventurer to level 25, and buy her 2nd upgrade, Clickstorm. This upgrade is a skill, which can be used to click on monsters automatically. It is advised to use this skill when your progress has stopped. Then hire 6betty.png Betty Clicker. You'll get Betty to level 10, but instead of buying her first upgrade, you will move on and hire 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai. Level him to level 10, as usual, and buy his first upgrade.

As a general rule, you should get the upgrade on one hero, then move on to the next. The steps below are not necessary, but they are slightly more optimal.

Here are the next steps:

  1. Level 2treebeast.png Treebeast to level 100, and buy his last upgrade only.
  2. Level 3ivan.png Ivan, the Drunken Brawler up to level 100, and buy his 4th and 5th upgrades.
  3. Hire Leon nogild.png Leon, level him up to level 10, and buy his first upgrade.
  4. Hire 9forestseer.png The Great Forest Seer, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  5. Level 5fisherman.png The Wandering Fisherman to level 100, and buy his last 2 upgrades.
  6. Hire Alexa-Summer.png Alexa, Assassin, level her up to level 10.
  7. Hire 10natalia.png Natalia, Ice Apprentice, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
  8. Level 6betty.png Betty Clicker to level 100, and buy all of her upgrades.
  9. Hire 11mercedes.png Mercedes, Duchess of Blades, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
  10. Level Leon nogild.png Leon to level 75, and buy his last upgrade.
  11. Hire 12bobby.png Bobby, Bounty Hunter, level him to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  12. Hire 13broyle.png Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage, level him to level 10.
  13. Hire 14sirgeorge.png Sir George II, King's Guard, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  14. Level Alexa-Summer.png Alexa, Assassin to level 100, and buy her 1st, 4th, and 5th upgrade.
  15. Hire 15kingmidas.png King Midas, level him up to level 10.
  16. Hire 16referi.png Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  17. Level 11mercedes.png Mercedes, Duchess of Blades and 12bobby.png Bobby, Bounty Hunter to level 100, and buy their last upgrade each.
  18. Hire 17abbadon.png Abaddon, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  19. Level 13broyle.png Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage to level 100, and buy his 1st and 5th upgrades.
  20. Hire 18mazhu.png Ma Zhu, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  21. Level 14sirgeorge.png Sir George II, King's Guard to level 100, and buy his last upgrade.
  22. Hire 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  23. Level 15kingmidas.png King Midas up to level 125, and buy all of his upgrades.
  24. Hire 20beastlord.png Beastlord, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade.
  25. Level 16referi.png Referi Jerator, Ice Wizard to level 125, and buy his last upgrade.
  26. Hire Athena nogild.png Athena, Goddess of War, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
  27. Level 17abbadon.png Abaddon to level 75, and buy his last upgrade.
  28. Hire 22aphrodite.png Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
  29. Hire Shinatobe..png Shinatobe, Wind Deity, level her up to level 10, buy her first upgrade.
  30. Level 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep to level 50, and buy his 2nd and 3rd upgrades.
  31. Level Shinatobe..png Shinatobe, Wind Deity to level 25, buy her second upgrade.
  32. Level 20beastlord.png Beastlord to level 100, and buy his last 2 upgrades.
  33. Hire Grant.png Grant, The General, level him to level 10, buy his first upgrade, level him to level 25, buy his second upgrade.
  34. Level 22aphrodite.png Aphrodite, Goddess of Love to level 100, and buy her 4th upgrade.
  35. Hire Frostleaf nogild.png Frostleaf, level him up to level 10, buy his first upgrade, level him up to level 25, buy his second upgrade.
  36. Level Shinatobe..png Shinatobe, Wind Deity to level 100, buy her last upgrade.
  37. Level Grant.png Grant, The General to level 50, buy his 3rd upgrade.
  38. Level Frostleaf nogild.png Frostleaf to level 50, buy his 3rd upgrade, level him up to level 75 and buy his last upgrade.

This is how you will play for a while, until a certain point. Note that the next hero, Dread Knight-2.png Dread Knight, will not have to be hired. He is too expensive to hire, and is never optimal to level. Instead, focus on leveling the Power Five (check the Gilding section below).

Primal Bosses

You may have noticed that every 5 zones, there is a boss, who is about 10 times as strong as a normal monster, and requires you to defeat it in 30.0 seconds or less. Past Zone 100, every boss has a chance to be Primal. These bosses, upon being killed, will grant you Hero Souls, which can be acquired upon Ascending. You will not gain Hero Souls immediately after beating a boss (with the exception of Omeet, the Zone 100 boss, who grants you 1 Hero Soul upon death the first time you kill him).

The amount of Hero Souls gained from killing a Primal Boss can be increased with the Outsider Ponyboy, however you have not unlocked this yet. It can also be increased with Transcendent Power, but that has not been unlocked.

When To Ascend

Normally, it is advised to Ascend after you start failing bosses consistently. This is the most efficient path. However, if you have not reached Zone 130, do not ascend. This is because the bosses on zones 100, 110, 120, and 130 are always Primal Bosses. Once you ascend for the first time, ascend when you fail to kill a boss past zone 130.

How to Ascend

To ascend, level 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep to level 150 and buy his last upgrade, ASCENSION. Make sure to beat zone 130 before you ascend, this is because zones 110, 120, and 130 are guaranteed primal bosses. When you ascend, you will restart back at zone 1, and you'll have to buy your heroes again. You'll keep your rubies, your achievements, your ancients, your relics, your clans, and your mercenaries. The difference is that you will have earned HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, each of which gives an additive 10% bonus to your base DPS. They will help make you stronger in order to progress even further into the zones. Once you earn enough HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, you'll be able to pass zone 130, 135, 140, and so on, until you reach zone 300. Once you reach this, transcend. Ancient Souls will help you dramatically speed up your progress.


You may have noticed, that with the ancients Siyalatas.png Siyalatas, Libertas.png Libertas, or Nogardnit.png Nogardnit, you may occasionally see a text next to your DPS reading (idle). Idle is activated there has not been a click on a monster in 60 seconds. (Clicking once in a period of 5 minutes will not deactivate idle). During idle, all idle boosts will be activated.

With the Ancient Juggernaut.png Juggernaut, you may see a text next to your DPS reading (Combo [number]x). This is the amount of times you have clicked within the last 4 minutes and 40 seconds. This number is multiplied by your Juggernaut level, and multiples your DPS. After 4 minutes and 40 seconds (280 seconds) your combo will begin to drop 5% every second.

Idle means to have the (idle) status as much as possible, and to use those buffs to boost progression.

Active means to have the various DPS and click boosting upgrades and Ancients, using clicks to deal damage rather than DPS.

Hybrid is a mixture of both that utilizes parts of both builds to maximize progression speed, such as Timelapses.

Picking a Build

You need to choose what type of playing style you will have, Idle, Active or a Hybrid of both.

Most players will want to pick Idle as a preferred start. Idle doesn't require you to look at the game as much as Active does. However, those who are trying to speedrun or that have a lot of time to burn may want to pick Active as it is a bit faster overall.

In the newest version of the game idle softcaps at 180K, meaning you cannot go meaningfully farther, while Active and Hybrid cap at 5.46 million. Additionally, you progress through zones faster with active, so once you get 2 autoclickers, transition to active upon transcending if you have played Idle beforehand.  


If a player decides they want to play the Idle playstyle, it is recommended to summon Siyalatas.png Siyalatas, Libertas.png Libertas, Mammon.png Mammon and Mimzee.png Mimzee. Level them all the same and keep unspent HeroSoul.png Hero Souls equal to (Siyalatas Level + 1)^2.

If a player decides they want to play Active playstyle, it is recommended to summon Juggernaut.png Juggernaut, Mammon.png Mammon, and Mimzee.png Mimzee. Level all of them the same and keep unspent HeroSoul.png Hero Souls equal to (Juggernaut level + 1)^(5/2).

Don't worry about any other ancients until you transcend at zone 300.


A picture of an Orangefish, one of the most common clickables, a clickable that will give gold and 1 or 2 rubies.

Rubies are the premium currency of Clicker Heroes. They can be bought with money, but can also be collected from Clans, Mercenaries, or Clickables.

The first thing you should buy with Rubies are 2 Auto Clickers. If running an active playstyle, they will help you to click while still offline. If running an idle playstyle, they will help you increase your damage via the ancient Nogardnit.

Next, you can buy the permanent x2 damage multiple, but this is optional.

Continue to buy Auto Clickers until you have 5 of them. Do not buy more.

After that, save for Timelapses and Quick Ascensions, which will be useful later on in the game. Do not use them right now.

Do not buy Relics or Gilds. Relics do not give a strong boost, and Gilds can be earned from Zone Progression.


Relics can be accessed by the 5th tab. Starting from the first ascension, there is a chance of a Relic Ooze spawning on any zone, which gives you a random relic. A relic gives buffs to random Ancients.

It is recommended to equip relics for ancients such as Kumawakamaru, that are costly but still give a useful boost to progression. Ancients that aren't these such as Fragsworth, Siyalatas, Argaiv, shouldn't be equipped unless you haven't transcended, or in your first couple transcensions because very quickly, the relics won't really boost them and will display only 0% for that specific ancient.

Later on in the game, the only relics you will want to equip are the relics boosting skill durations, but this is not the case for you right now.


Clans are a mechanic unlockable upon reaching Zone 50 (not available on PlayStation). The game will prompt you to create a nickname which will be displayed to other members of your clan, and will prompt you to pick a class. (Pick any class that seems good to you, as no class has special abilities).

You can create a clan for 50 Ruby.png Rubies, however, it is not advised to do that right now as you do not have a lot of rubies. You can use the random generator to find a clan, however the system is unreliable and will send you to inactive clans most of the time. It is advised to use tools like the Clicker Heroes Clan Recruitment Subreddit, or the #clan-recruitment channel in the Clicker Heroes Official Discord.

The first notable thing about a clan is the Clan Chatroom, which allows members to communicate with other members.

The second tab, marked with an eye symbol, is the Immortals tab. Every day, members can attack the Immortal, which will have a certain weakness(Physical, Mage, or Holy). Upon defeating the Immortal, you will be rewarded with Immortal Souls and Rubies which can be claimed in the Reward Box right below the Immortal level. Immortal Souls can be used to level up. Every time you level up you gain x3 the damage.

The third tab, marked with a skull, is the Legacy Raids tab. This Immortal can be killed multiple times, and will reward you with 10% the souls you have right now. It's not very significant, so you can attack it if you want, but don't worry too much about it.

The fourth tab, marked with a gear, will give the options to Respec Class or Leave Clan. It is never recommended to Respec Class, as the buff gained from a weakness is not as significant as the damage buff gained from a level. You may leave the clan if you feel like it is not for you.

Clan leaders will have a fifth tab, where than can promote others to clan leader or kick somebody out of the clan, if they are inactive or abusive.


Mercenaries are a mechanic unlocked when you first Ascend. Mercenaries can go on a plethora of different random quests, ranging from 5 minutes to two days, and can quest for Skill Activations, Gold, Relics, or Rubies. Sometimes, you can quest for new Mercenaries, but the maximum limit is 5.

With your first Mercenary, send it on a quest for another. Repeat this process until you have 5 Mercenaries, as there will always be a recruitment quest if you do not have 5 Mercenaries. Do not ever buy Mercenaries with Rubies.

Upon reaching 5 Mercenaries, you should follow the standard quest order. Rubies are the most valuable quests. The rule of thumb listed below will be based on that.

Rule Of Thumb(most value to least value): 4h ruby > 2h ruby > 1h ruby > 30m ruby > 15m ruby > 8h ruby > 5m ruby > 5m-4h non-ruby > 24h ruby > 8h-24h non-ruby > 48h ruby > 48h non-ruby

This will change a little bit if your Mercenaries are high enough level, but you shouldn't worry about that now.


Gilding is a mechanic unlocked at Zone 100, where you get your first gild. If you have already seen the standard gilding chart, don't worry about it, as you have not yet transcended. Instead, follow the Power Five rule of thumb. Upon Transcending, follow the gilding chart listed above, or the one listed in General Tips.

The Power Five

Visit Power Five for a more in-depth introduction on these heroes.

Upon Ascending for the first few times, you should start using the Power Five. These Heroes are 2treebeast.png Treebeast, 3ivan.png Ivan, the Drunken Brawler, Brittany nogild.png Brittany, Beach Princess, The Masked Samurai, and The Great Forest Seer. These heroes have great cost/DPS ratios and thus are advised before Transcending.

  1. Check which of the Power Five can be leveled to 1000. Plug the equation 1.07^(1000)*[startingCost] into a calculator and check if your current gold is that value.
  2. Check which of those heroes have the most gilds.
  3. Level that hero as much as possible, preferably with by pressing Z (x25).


For now, don't worry about achievements. Few of them offer rewards, and those that do are not worth it.


When you beat Zone 160, the Transcension tab will unlock, however you can't do anything with it until you beat Zone 300. Immediately after beating Zone 300, Transcend and follow the Outsider Calculator.

Move to General Tips for more progression tips. Alternatively, use the Clicker Heroes Official Discord or the Clicker Heroes Official Subreddit for tips(13+ only).


Many people shorten/modify the names of heroes to save time on typing. Below are most, if not all, of the ways people tend to configure in-game feature names.

Nickname Real name
Sam The Masked Samurai
Seer The Great Forest Seer
DK Dread Knight
Potato Phthalo
Banana Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana
Wep Wepwawet
CaduCeus(CaCe) Cadu and Ceus, Tomb Guardians. Usually used to refer to the time in the game where you alternate between Cadu and Ceus and their upgrades.
Hero groups
Nickname Real name
Power Five Heroes Treebeast, Ivan, the Drunken Brawler, Brittany, Beach Princess, The Masked Samurai and The Great Forest Seer
Rangers Heroes Dread Knight to Astraea
Beasts Heroes Chiron to Wepwawet
Elementals Heroes Tsuchi to Madzi
Nickname Real name


Nog Nogardnit
Siya Siyalatas
Jugg Juggernaut
Frag(s) Fragsworth
Nickname Real name
Xyl Xyliqil
Chor Chor'gorloth
Phan Phandoryss
Pony Ponyboy
Rhag Rhageist
Sen Sen-Akhan
Nickname Real name
AS Ancient soul / Ancient souls
FC Forge Cores
HS hero soul / hero souls
buy (ancients) summon
buy (heroes) hire
EDR Energize + The Dark Ritual + Reload
FANT First Ascension on New Transcension
HZE highest zone ever
HZTT highest zone this transcension
LANT or LATT Last Ascension on New (This) Transcension
OoM Order of Magnitude
perks upgrades
QA quick ascension
SANT Second Ascension on New Transcension
TP transcendent power
FATGAS First Ascension (of a transcension) That Gains Ancient Souls
TL Time Lapse
"Wall" When people say this, they mean it is time to ascend or transcend. There are no actual walls in the game other than the soft/hard cap. Slow parts yes, but never a place where you can never pass.