Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Mithril Edge
Lvl 10 Increases Mercedes, Duchess of Blades's DPS by 100%. By reinforcing the edge of her blade with Mithril, she can cut through much more difficult materials. 8.000e9 Gold
Enchanted Blade
Lvl 25 Increases Mercedes, Duchess of Blades's DPS by 100%. With the research and help of some of your more magic-inclined friends, Mercedes' blade can be empowered with magic. 2.000e10 Gold
Lvl 50 Increases Mercedes, Duchess of Blades's DPS by 100%. Another upgrade to her sword, giving her a much faster swing. "Nobody's head will be safe from me." 8.000e10 Gold
Blessed Sword
Lvl 75 Increases Mercedes, Duchess of Blades's DPS by 150%. "My sword, she's already historic. If she receives a blessing from the gods, I'll have to give her a name..." 6.400e11 Gold
Art of Swordfighting
Lvl 100 Increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS. This rare book was co-authored by three ancient sword masters. 'I know it's expensive, but I think it's well worth it. 6.400e12 Gold



  • The Ancient Berserker's description mentions Mercedes: Your blood begins to boil and all you see is white light. Mercedes asks if you are ok, and all you can do is growl until she backs off.
  • The head of Mercedes resembles that of Dread Knight's.

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