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"A tingling feeling rises in your spine as you approach Mammon, when visions of gold materialize in your hand. A strange desire for wealth overcomes you as you get closer. From the distance, Midas eyes the ancient with a look bordering on the indecent. Suddenly you feel... what? Is that an extra gold coin in your pocket?"


Leveling up Mammon will increase all Gold.png Gold dropped by 5% per level, stacking cumulatively.

Tactics and Strategies with Mammon

Mammon can be incorporated in all strategies, but it should be mentioned that Mammon grants an increase in all Gold.png Gold dropped. This includes Gold.png Gold granted by Skills, such as Golden Clicks and Metal Detector, and Gold.png Gold granted by other ancients. 

Leveling Mammon

Mammon's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Mammon's cost per level is n, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Lvl Cost Increase in gold gain
1 Summon cost +5%
2 2 +10%
3 3 +15%
4 4 +20%
5 5 +25%
n n +(5n)%


  • Mammon represents greed, often personified as a deity, or demon (one of the seven princes of Hell). Comes from the Aramaic word for "riches/money".

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