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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Bag of Holding
Lvl 10 Increases all gold found by 25%. This space-bending bag can store things much bigger than itself. Get Midas one of these so he doesn't have to haul his fortune around with him in the midst of battle. 4.000e13 Gold.png
Heart of Gold
Lvl 25 Increases all gold found by 25%. Midas can find more gold from your enemies. Where it comes from, you're not really sure. "These are riches beyond belief!" he says. "How can I thank Sir George?" 1.000e14 Gold.png
Touch of Gold
Lvl 50 Increases all gold found by 25%. This upgrade gives Midas the power to turn things (and enemies!) into gold by touching them. He promises to share the wealth with you. 4.00e14 Gold.png
Golden Dimension
Lvl 75 Increases all gold found by 50%. "I can open rifts to the Planes of Gold," he says, with madness in his eyes. The rift can only open after killing a monster, and heavy golden furniture falls through. 3.200e15 Gold.png
Golden Clicks
Lvl 100 Unlocks the Golden Clicks skill. Clicks give 1% of monster gold, for 30 seconds (0.1% on Bosses). 1 hour cooldown. 3.200e16 Gold.png
Gold Blade
Lvl 125 Increases your Critical Click Chance by 3%. Forged from riches of his fallen foes, the golden blade is the most expensive sword ever made. 1.600e17 Gold.png


Skill Name Icon Description Hotkey Base Cooldown
Golden Clicks
Clicks give 1% of monster gold, for 30 seconds. (0.1% on bosses) 5 1 hr



  • You get 192.96875% more Gold.png Gold with his first 4 upgrades.
  • Upon getting Wepwawet.png Wepwawet's final upgrade, Way of Kings, Midas' base DPS will increase by a whopping 10,000,000,000% (10 billion percent), making him and 6betty.png Betty Clicker the 2 best heroes for the late-middle game.
  • King Midas with Wepwawet.png Wepwawet's upgrade is the best character until you get him to 12550 (If you also upgrade Wepwawet.png Wepwawet to 5000), as Wepwawet.png Wepwawet can beat his DPS (as he will still earn 10 damage multipliers).
  • King Midas's upgrades are extremely important for earning more gold, and give approximately 193% gold bonus(192.96875%) as stated above, so it is recommended to get his upgrades, so you can get more gold, as thus unlock more upgrades, heroes and move through the game faster.


  • Midas was a king of Phrygia who, according to Greek mythology, possessed the power to turn whatever he touched into gold.
  • For players who have not transcended yet before it got removed, there is an Ancient Thusia.png Thusia whose description mentions Midas: Midas walks with you to greet this ancient, and shows you his purse. As you get closer, the cloth material the purse if made out of gets harder. Suddenly, you could swear it turned into leather. "Upgrading this ancient will probably make it harder to kill Treasure Chests. I would leave this one alone," Midas says. "It sounds worthless to me."
  • This hero, Ivan and The Maw are the only heroes in the game to have 6 upgrades rather than the standard 4 or 5.

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