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"It has been days since you last slept, yet you do not feel at all tired. The ancient has been driving you all along. You wonder how much longer you can go on; there is no end in sight."

For those who use an Autoclicker default.png Auto Clicker, this Ancient is a must have as it will increase your DPS far beyond what the HeroSoul.png Hero Souls you would gain in the next few runs could get you, even at level 1.


Juggernaut provides an additive, stacking DPS bonus for being active and clicking at least once per 4 minutes and 40 seconds on the monster (does not need to do damage). After clicking 3 times, the combo will start at 3 stacks and 1 stack will be added for everytime you (or an Autoclicker default.png Auto Clicker or Clickstorm) click on a monster. There is no limit to the number of stacks you can gain.

Final DPS = DPS+(DPS×Stacks×Click Bonus)

Keep in mind, your stack will deteriorate after 4 minutes and 40 seconds without clicking. A single click will reset that, so you can keep going indefinitely as long as you click at least once every 280 seconds. If you don't, then it will then drop as it did before, at a rate of 5% of your total combo that you had every second. One second of this degrading can set you back a couple of minutes if the stacks are high enough.

Leveling Juggernaut

Juggernaut's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Juggernaut's cost per level is n1.5, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

Lvl Cost DPS/click
1 Summon cost +0.01%
2 3 +0.02%
3 5 +0.03%
4 8 +0.04%
5 11 +0.05%
n n1.5 +(n/100)%


  • There are multiple theories behind the name of this Ancient. Firstly, it could refer to the definition: a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force. Another theory says that Juggernaut may be a reference to Jagannath (Juggernaut in English) who is a Hindu god, merciless, destructive and unstoppable. It may also refer to the Marvel character by the same name who has the ability to move forward without losing momentum.
  • The symbol of the spinning wheel may be an allegorical reference to the Hindu Ratha Yatra temple car, which apocryphally was reputed to crush devotees under its wheels. The wheel could also be a concretisation of how the Ancient has been 'driving you all along'.
  • This Ancient, along with Iris.png Iris, was introduced in patch 0.15.
  • Prior to patch 0.15b, this Ancient would only affect your DPS and not your Click Damage.
  • If you translate the game into German, Juggernaut will translate to Moloch, which is the name of the second hero in the Anthopomorphic Beasts hero group, added in 0.24.

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