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A Hero Soul.

HeroSoul mobile

Mobile Hero Soul.

Hero Souls are items that provide global damage bonuses and can be used as currency to summon and level up Ancients

Each hero soul provides a +10% bonus to the DPS and Cid's click damage. Click damage bonuses from achievements and "0.5 DPS%" bonus upgrades do not benefit from the hero souls bonus.

Obtaining Hero Souls


The hero 19amenhotep Amenhotep has an "upgrade" called ASCENSION. This resets the game and starts over, with a world just like the current one, but granting a number of HeroSoul Hero Souls depending on the following:

  • For every 2000 hero levels across all heroes, you get a single Hero Soul for your next ascension. If you ascend around the time you finish all hero upgrades up to Frostleaf nogild Frostleaf, you can expect to earn about 7 Hero Souls per Ascension from this method.
  • Starting at level 100, all boss levels have a chance of spawning a Primal Boss the first time you enter that level on each Ascension. The Primal Boss awards a number of hero souls for your next Ascension depending on the level they are defeated on. Remember, the souls are only added to the number of souls you get from ascending. It doesn't add to your current amount of souls immediately. Primal Bosses can only be encountered once per floor each ascension, then will be replaced by the normal versions. The base encounter rate for Primal Bosses is 25%, but can be boosted to a limit of 100% by summoning Atman Atman. These give Hero Souls equal to the following expression[1]

$ \left\lfloor\left( \frac{\text{level} - 80}{25} \right)^{1.3}\times\text{Ponyboy multiplier}\right\rfloor $

Bosses at multiples of 100 from 100 to 1000 are Centennials, which will always be Primal.

  • Mercenaries can go on Hero Soul quests to gain Hero Souls equal to a certain percentage of your Quick Ascension. Hero Souls gained this way will go into the pool of Hero Souls that will be received upon ascending.
  • After transcending, you will gain "transendent power" that vastly increases the hero souls you get from a primal boss. The hero souls gained from "transcendent power" multiples logarithmaically by your transcendent power (e.g. if your transcedent power is 2% then every boss gives you 2% more hero souls from the last boss.

Quick Ascension

You can receive a Quick Ascension by spending 50 Ruby Rubies in the Shop.. This will instantly give you X Hero Souls, with X being based off your highest zone, your Atman Atman level, and your Outsider ponyboy Ponyboy level.


Every time your clan defeats an Immortal, you'll gain Hero Souls based on how much damage you did to it. These Hero Souls will be added to your account immediately after collecting them. This is either 10% of your overall souls gained this ascension, or 4 souls, whichever is more.



Time earned

Souls from Hero levels

Goes into the Ascension pool

Primal Boss souls

Goes into the Ascension pool

Centennial souls

Goes into the Ascension pool
Souls from mercenary quests Goes into the Ascension pool
Quick Ascension Collected right away
Immortal reward Collected right away
Soul from achievement (Bounty: Omeet) Collected right away

Hero Soul-related Achievements

Achievement Name Icon Description
Soul Taster
Complete 5 quests for Hero Souls.
Soul Harvester
Complete 25 quests for Hero Souls.
Soul Trader
Complete 100 quests for Hero Souls.
Soul Banker
Complete 500 quests for Hero Souls.
Disciple of Solomon
Complete 2500 quests for Hero Souls.

Discipleship does not end when the teacher is gone.


  • As of patch .08, Primal Bosses begin to appear at a low chance (5%) starting from Lvl. 105 and every 5 levels thereafter. They have the same amount of hp as a regular boss of the same level. The word "Primal" is used in the sense that they only appear as the first boss on that floor and award a hero soul for the kill and do not appear on that floor again after that. If you don't encounter it the first time on the boss floor, it won't appear again on that floor. They only award 1 hero soul for the kill, which is immediately added to your current count of souls.
  • If you got to Lvl. 100 for the first time, you are awarded with a gift for 5 free hero souls that are immediately applied to your current count. This only applies to patches .08 and .09.
  • As of patch .10, the hero soul limit of 10 is removed. Primal bosses have an increased chance of 25% to appear and give an increasing amount of souls based on level (the current formula is floor( pow( ( ( ( level - 100 ) / 5 ) + 1 ) / 3.0, 1.5 ) ) -- at level 150, you can get 7; at level 200, you can get 18)[2]. This time, the soul bonus is stored and will be awarded when you ascend using Amenhotep.
  • Since patch 0.12 the formula is floor(pow(((level - 100) / 5 + 4) / 5, 1.3) * (solomon_bonus))
  • As of patch 1.0e10 the formula is floor(pow(((level - 100) / 5 + 4) / 5, 1.3) * (ponyboy_bonus))
  • As of patch 0.14, Cid's click damage is affected by hero souls (+10% per hero soul)
  • Initially, mercenary quest Hero Souls would be collected right away, but patch 1.0 changed them to go into the pool of Hero Souls that is received upon ascending.



Gold HeroSoul AncientSoul 066 Ruby

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