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As is the case with any idle game, Clicker Heroes is perpetuated largely by mathematical formulas that generate new hero levels, stages, etc. as they become necessary. Because these formulas, by necessity, make progress in this game rather predictable, they allow a number of rules to come up, which you can follow to ensure advancing through the game at optimal speed.

Beginning the Game

You need to choose what type of playing style you will have, Idle, Active or a Hybrid of both.

Idle is a preferred start, as without AC's you cannot click often.

However, in the newest version of the game idle softcaps at 180K, meaning you cannot go meaningfully farther, while active and hybrid cap at 5.46 million. Additionally, you progress through zones faster with active, so once you get 2 autoclickers, transition to active on your next ascension.


Due to the 1.0 update, the goal of Clicker Heroes has changed dynamically, and players are now aiming to get the most AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls per hour instead of the previous goal of getting the most HeroSoul.png Hero Souls per hour. For those players who have not transcended yet, transcend now, unless your HZE isn't 300, which you must get to before the first transcendence.

The time to transcend is when you have done 3-4 ascensions that have gained you ancient souls. This means to start counting down when your last ascension has gained you more hero souls than your last transcension. Only if you are at 24% or more, the proper time to transcend would be when you can no longer maintain 2 mobs per zone from Kumawakamaru.png Kumawakamaru after you have already obtained 2 mobs per zone in that transcension.

Keep in mind what will happen after every transcendence:

You will keep:

You will gain:

Everything else will be lost. This includes:

Outsiders and allocating AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls

Here are a few mathematical relationships between outsider levels to keep your AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls allocation properly balanced:

  • Chor'gorloth ≈ (Ponyboy2)/39
  • Phandoryss ≈ (Ponyboy2 + Ponyboy)/14.52

Xyliqil is completely useless unless you are forced into idle because you are playing on mobile. Do not ever level it. For Active and Hybrid players, it adds just 1.86 zones to your Timelapses per level.

Phandoryss provides a flat 100% DPS per level. It is recommended to level it if you cannot afford anything else since unspent Ancient Souls do nothing. Even with only 2 or 3 levels of it, you do not need to use a Quick Ascension after transcending. Phandoryss is used to make FANT and possibly SANT a little more pleasant.

Chor'goloth reduces the cost of leveling Ancients by up to -99.95%. It should be leveled according to the above formula, and when you cannot afford more Borb levels, Chor'goloth is often the next best Outsider to level. However, It takes a lot of AS to make him worth it, and he is only worth it at around 19-20K AS.

Ponyboy seems to be good at a first glance. His first few levels are extremely good, but because of the increasing cost of AS, he becomes less and less valuable. Many beginners put too much AS in him, which slows progress. Use the Outsider Calculator listed below.

Borb is amazing. You need him to reach 2 monsters per zone quicker, and to keep 2 monsters for the rest of your transcendence. In the late-game, put most of your ancient souls in him. Even in early game, he is extremely valuable by decreasing the amount of time spent on each zone, making progress extremely fast. Use the calculator listed below.

Rhageist can multiply your souls by up to 20×. It is extremely useful in the early and mid game, but with a minimum 5% primal boss chance, you might as well stop leveling him later to free up souls to put in Borb. He is good to increase Hero Soul yield whenever there is nothing more important.

Orphalas and K'Ariqua have only limited use, though they can become useful in early and mid game. K'ariqua scales too slowly, while Orphalas' effect gets drowned out by Zone Scaling.

Sen-Akhan is probably the second most important Super-Outsider, though it is not as important as Borb, but it can multiply Treasure Chest chance by up to 100×. However, eventually you need to stop leveling it, because Treasure Chest chance decreases exponentially.

Overall, the Super Outsider levelling priority from highest to lowest is probably Borb, Sen-Akhan, Rhageist, K'Ariqua, Orphalas.

To keep the math simple, it is recommended to use this outsider calculator:

Simply input your amount of AS and it will tell you crucial info about your transcensions.

When to Ascend

The rule of thumb for the entire game is to ascend when you have passed zone 130 and are consistently failing bosses. There is no other optimal time.

Choosing Ancients

When you buy ancients, you want to balance them. If you spend, say, all your HeroSoul.png Hero Souls on ancients, when you don't have Morgulis.png Morgulis yet, you're not playing optimally, as you receive no direct benefit from HeroSoul.png Hero Souls themselves. On the other hand, if you keep all your HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, you're still not playing optimally, as you can get much more damage, Gold.png Gold, and other beneficial factors by sacrificing your HeroSoul.png Hero Souls

If you don't want to waste too much time, use one of these calculators: 

If you are on console, use this calculator:


Here are some tips to gain gold:

  • Use Ancients: There are 7 ancients that increase gold: Libertas.png Libertas (when idle), Mammon.png Mammon, Mimzee.png Mimzee (from Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chests only), Fortuna.png Fortuna, Dora.png Dora (+% Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chest chance) and Pluto.pngPluto (from Golden Clicks.)
  • "Thusia" Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chests: Before patch 1.0, players used the ancient Thusia.png Thusia. Thusia increased health of Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chests when Golden Clicks was active, so you would stay on the chest longer and get more gold. Despite reintroducing Pluto.pngPluto in patch 1.0e10, Thusia is unlikely to be reintroduced. However, there is a way to simulate Thusia (in lategame , when it is almost impossible to maintain more than 1% chest chance).
  1. Take your Auto Clickers off the monster.
  2. Move your gilds off your main hero with Q.
  3. Activate Golden Clicks (and preferably Metal Detector.)
  4. Put your Auto Clickers back on the monster.
  5. After beating the Treasure Chest, put your gilds back on your main hero.
  6. You have managed to maximize your gold! Congratulations!

However the above tip is rather useless in the late game as one or two orders of magnitude do not make any significant difference.

Buying Heroes and Upgrades

Because heroes increase in cost exponentially as they level up, they cease to be cost-effective extremely quickly. As such, the general rules for purchasing heroes and upgrades is as follows:

  • Level up each hero to level 10 and purchase their first upgrade before moving on.
  • Only after you have purchased 3-5 more heroes following this progression should you go back and finish buying that hero's upgrades. Exactly when you go back and do this depends on how useful the high-level upgrades of that hero are. 15kingmidas.png King Midas has extremely useful upgrades, so he should be upgraded as soon as his next upgrade is affordable.

There are also some notable exceptions to this rule. For example:

Remember that the first rule above does only affect the PC versions of the game, both Steam and Web. If you play on mobile versions, either iOS or Steam, you should basically level everybody to level 25 and buy both first upgrades, before moving on to the next hero.

After you can get to zone 400+ without having to farm, the strategy changes, and you'll be using a main hero for DPS, instead. (See Re-Gild Strategy below.)

Gilded Heroes

Re-Gild Strategy

To optimize the bonus from gilds, it's most efficient to stack them on a single hero. Early on you will lose too much DPS doing this to make it worth it, but in a short amount of time, it will become vital. Also, for the pre-transcendent players, you won't need to re-gild to 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai, as you'll transcend before it's necessary.

As of patch 1.0e11, the optimum gilding strategy is as follows:

  1. For pre-transcendent players only: Once you can pass zone 200 without farming, the ideal heroes to have gilded are the Power Five: 2treebeast.png Treebeast, 3ivan.png Ivan, the Drunken Brawler, Brittany nogild.png Brittany, Beach Princess, 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai, and 9forestseer.png The Great Forest Seer. At this point you won't be making a lot of hero souls still, so move your gilds using the random de-gild option, which costs 2 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls until they land on any of these five heroes.
  2. For transcendent players only: Upon being able to hit zone 400+, it is time to move your all your gilds to 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai. You should be earning enough HeroSoul.png Hero Souls at this point to feel that 80 HS re-gilds are negligible in price. Using the 80 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls re-gilds, move your gilds to 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai(this is the only hero you need to level for DPS in your runs now, besides the one that give global damage and Gold.png Gold multipliers). Get him to a level divisible by 25, then press 'T' twice, to get to the 25 toggle multiplier. You will do this for all your main heroes, just to make things easier.
  3. Once you have quite a lot of HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, say, 1.000e7, you should save some of your HeroSoul.png Hero Souls instead of spending them in Morgulis.png Morgulis, say about, 1.000e5, which you will use to re-gild. When you get 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai to level 2500, Atlas2.png Atlas becomes more efficient at 800, so level Atlas2.png Atlas and move all your gilds from 7samurai.png The Masked Samurai to Atlas2.png Atlas with 'Q'. Once you get Atlas Gild2-0.png to level 1500, Terra.png Terra becomes more efficient at level 1000, so do the same with her as you did with Atlas2.png Atlas; level her to 1000 and move all your gilds from Atlas2.png Atlas to Terra.png Terra. You will keep doing this, leveling your main hero to 1500, then leveling the hero below to 1000 and re-gilding to that hero, until you either stop progressing further in the zones (which is when you ascend), or when you get Wepwawet.png Wepwawet to level 1500. Keep in mind that 1e5 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls will eventually not be enough; you will have a lot more gilds and you will need to do a lot more re-gilding. When this happens, you may want to save even more gilds. Don't worry, as you should have so many HeroSoul.png Hero Souls that multiple re-gilding will feel like nothing. Another thing to bear in mind is that Bomber Max.png Bomber Max and Gog.png Gog have global gold and DPS multipliers, respectively, so once those are affordable, (which is when Chiron.png Chiron is at level 1125 and Moloch.png Moloch is at 1125, respectively,) you may buy them.
  4. When you get Wepwawet.png Wepwawet to level 1500, you will be able to buy his upgrade which makes 6betty.png Betty Clicker the most efficient hero to level up for a while. Move all your gilds to her. Then she will start to do more damage than Wepwawet.png Wepwawet. At this point, you will have so many HeroSoul.png Hero Souls that 'Q' costs barely anything compared to the amount of HeroSoul.png Hero Souls that you have. Once you get 6betty.png Betty Clicker to level 9850, you should be able to buy Wepwawet.png Wepwawet's level 2000 upgrade, making 15kingmidas.png King Midas the most efficient to level up, until he gets to level 12550, when Wepwawet.png Wepwawet becomes more efficient and you'll move back to him. You'll be able to get Wepwawet.png Wepwawet to 5000, and then you alternate between him and Gog.png Gog for a while, switching to the other as soon as it gets a new 10× multiplier. This stops once Gog.png Gog gets to 8500, where you'll level Wepwawet.png Wepwawet to 8000, regild to him and level him up for about 1000 levels.
  5. By the time the gold requirement for another set of 25 levels of Wepwawet.png Wepwawet is more expensive than the first level of Tsuchi.png Tsuchi, (which is when Wepwawet.png Wepwawet is at level 8975) you will want to re-gild to Tsuchi.png Tsuchi once you buy him. Do the same with Skogur.png Skogur with what you did with Tsuchi.png Tsuchi; once 1 level in Skogur.png Skogur is less expensive than 25 levels in Tsuchi.png Tsuchi, buy Skogur.png Skogur and regild. Keep doing this until you get to Yachiyl.png Yachiyl, where she will be your main hero throughout each ascension, until you transcend again.
  6. Here is a table to show this strategy in a slightly different way: (or see it on a seperate page.)
Hero Is most efficient from level: To level: Notes
7samurai.png The Masked Samurai 1 2425 If your DPS is so high that leveling Masked Samurai doesn't roadblock you, feel free to use these skips at a certain level:
  • 9,825 - King Midas (pre-Wepwawet Buff)
  • 16,800 - Tsuchi
  • ~500,000 - Xavira
Atlas2.png Atlas 725 1500
Terra.png Terra 1000 1500
Phthalo2-0.png Phthalo 1000 1500
Didensy.png Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana 1000 1500
Lilin.png Lilin 1000 1500
Cadmia.png Cadmia 1000 1500
Alabaster.png Alabaster 1000 1500
Astraea.png Astraea 1000 1500
Chiron.png Chiron 1000 1500 When Chiron is at level 1100, level Bomber Max.png Bomber Max to 100 and buy his last upgrade (+50% Gold)
Moloch.png Moloch 1000 1500 When Moloch is at level 1100, level Gog.png Gog to 100 and buy his last upgrade (+50% Damage)
Bomber Max.png Bomber Max 1000 1500
Gog.png Gog 1000 1500
Wepwawet.png Wepwawet 1000 1500 When Wepwawet is at level 1500, buy his third upgrade.
6betty.png Betty Clicker 9350 9850 When Betty is at level 9850, level Wepwawet to 2000 and buy his 4th upgrade.
15kingmidas.png King Midas 9575 12575
Wepwawet.png Wepwawet 5000 5500 Wepwawet and Gog now alternately become more efficient when they get new 10x damage multipliers.
Gog.png Gog 6000 6500
Wepwawet.png Wepwawet 6000 6500
Gog.png Gog 7000 7500
Wepwawet.png Wepwawet 7000 7500
Gog.png Gog 8000 8500
Wepwawet.png Wepwawet 8000 8975 Since Gog has had all his 10x damage multipliers, you should just stay with Wepwawet now.
Tsuchi.png Tsuchi 1 16,975 When Wepwawet is at 8975, hiring Tsuchi is now cheaper than 25 levels of Wepwawet. Tsuchi instantly becomes better now, even at level 1.
Skogur.png Skogur 1 33,975
Moeru.png Moeru 1 68,025
Zilar.png Zilar 1 136,075
Madzi.png Madzi 1 204,175
Xavira.png Xavira 1 391,375
Cadu.png Cadu, Tomb Guardian 1 58,000 We will now alternate between Cadu and Ceus, switching when they get upgrades for each other.
Ceus.png Ceus, Tomb Guardian 58,000 116,000
Cadu.png Cadu, Tomb Guardian 116,000 180,000
Ceus.png Ceus, Tomb Guardian 180,000 250,000
Cadu.png Cadu, Tomb Guardian 250,000 326,000
Ceus.png Ceus, Tomb Guardian 326,000 407,500
Cadu.png Cadu, Tomb Guardian 407,500 495,000
Ceus.png Ceus, Tomb Guardian 495,000 588,000 Ceus has now unlocked his last upgrade for Cadu, so we will now stay with Cadu.
Cadu.png Cadu, Tomb Guardian 588,000 680,625
The Maw.png The Maw 1 1,059,350
Yachiyl.png Yachiyl 157,500 1,253,675 Why do you not get Yachiyl at Level 1? Because Yachiyl actually does less damage than The Maw until you get her first upgrade.
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 9700 75,250
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 1 150,525
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 1 170,200
Ace Scout Dorothy.png Ace Scout Dorothy 1 205,975
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 602,000 752,500 The Ace Scouts always become better when they get a new upgrade (with the exception of some of Dorothy's upgrades).
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 677,250 903,025
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 752,500 978,200
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 1,204,000 1,354,500 Skip Dorothy's first upgrade, Rose's second upgrade is better.
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 1,279,250 1,505,025
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 1,354,500 1,580,200
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 1,806,000 1,956,500 Skip Dorothy's second upgrade, Rose's third upgrade is better.
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 1,881,250 2,107,025
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 1,956,500 2,126,700
Ace Scout Dorothy.png Ace Scout Dorothy 1,956,500 2,011,975
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 2,408,000 2,558,500
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 2,483,250 2,709,025
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 2,558,500 2,784,200
Ace Scout Rose.png Ace Scout Rose 3,010,000 3,160,500 Skip Dorothy's fourth upgrade, Rose's fourth upgrade is better.
Ace Scout Sophia.png Ace Scout Sophia 3,085,250 3,311,025
Ace Scout Blanche.png Ace Scout Blanche 3,160,500 3,405,950
Ace Scout Dorothy.png Ace Scout Dorothy 3,235,750 Without new hero upgrades, progression will increasingly decline from here to the soft cap of the game at around zone 5,460,000.


Feel free to ignore anything in this section. Relics are almost useless besides for pre-transcendent players.

Rarity of Relic Case.png Relic adoesn't mean anything, you just get more forge cores when you destroy it.

Here is a table of which tiers are the best for Relic Case.png Relic(these are the ancients they add levels to):

High tier Medium tier Low tier
Atman Sniperino Everything else
Kumawakamaru Kleptos
Other skill durations

The rows in each column shows the one that is the best, e.g., Vaagur.png Vaagur is more important than Chawedo.png Chawedo. The only exception is once your transcendent primal zone cap is beyond 5000, when Relic Case.png Relic that help Kumawakamaru.png Kumawakamaru become more important than those that help Atman.png Atman. However, Relics are useless as of late, so very soon, the only useful relics are ones that increase skill duration.

When you get a Relic Case.png Relic that you don't want(a Relic Case.png Relic with worse tiers than the other 4 that you have), you should click the salvage button, and take note of how many forge cores you will be offered. Decline the option, then level that Relic Case.png Relic by one level, click the salvage button again, and subtract the previous amount of forge cores you were offered from the current one. This is always/usually how many more forge cores the Relic Case.png Relic is worth with every level. Keep leveling up the Relic Case.png Relic until the price of leveling it up is greater than the forge core value of the Relic Case.png Relic per level, or when you can no longer level up your Relic Case.png Relic. After that, you should salvage that Relic Case.png Relic. However, this is still a waste of time, as relics give no powerful boost.


As a clan member

Most Clan leaders prefer their members to be active, so it's vital that you participate every day, regardless of your immortal damage.

You should participate as much as possible in your clan because immortal fights now give rubies.

As the clan leader

Be careful about accepting members with too high of an immortal damage, as they may regard your clan as weak, and are highly likely to leave to join a stronger clan, or making the immortal too hard to beat so you must disband and restart a new clan. With the new raid system, the amount of rubies yielded from a clan is very high given the right circumstances, so be sure to keep your clan active and monitor it.

Additionally, with the new e12 raid system, you should be active daily in order to help your clan harvest Immortal souls and Rubies. HZE matters less now, because Legacy Raids do not give very much HS and aren't a big boost. Nowadays, take note of who is participating and how much damage they do to the immortal. Rubies are a big boost.


Players should always go on quests for new mercenaries, until they have 5. Mercenaries with a bonus to recruitment quest speed should be the ones sent on quests for recruiting new mercenaries.

Efficient quests

  • Quests for a new merc are your top priority. if you do not have 5 mercs, be sure to have at least 1 merc quests for another.
  • Quests for Ruby.png Rubies are by far the most efficient. If possible, send all your mercenaries on quests for Rubies.
  • HeroSoul.png
    Hero Soulsquests are ok. These quests become useless once you hit the Quick Ascension's cap at zone 1 million. Nowadays, Hero Soul quests are a waste of time, as they can only help you past a 1-2 more zones.
  • Skill quests, just like everything, is not very useful, but short skill quests are good to advance RNG for
  • Completed Relic Case.png Relic quest and Gold.png Gold quests should be collected on the FANT (First Ascension of New Transcension). Both of these quests are also relatively useless, as ruby quests are far more valuable.
  • Alternatively, at Clickmas, mercenaries always have a fifth option to go on quests for presents, which should also be collected on the FANT. Always go on these quests, but they are seasonal, so they have a limited time.

Reviving Mercenaries

Most mercenaries are worth reviving at and before level 9, if sent on efficient quests. Mercenaries with extra lives should not have their extra lives spent if they die before level 9. Candy canes should always be the last way to revive a mercenary.


In early game

The first investment any player should make with their Ruby.png Rubies are 2 autoclickers. Then, go for the x2 permanent damage in the Shop. After that, spend them on 3 moreAutoclicker default.png Auto Clickers and mercenary revives (for mercenaries that die before level 9). After this, save up enough rubies for 60 Quick Ascensions and timelapses. Be sure to have a few hundred of rubies at all times.

In late game

Buy Timelapses and Quick Ascensions. As you progress further and further, it becomes more and more efficient to Quick Ascend, until you reach the Quick Ascension cap of zone 1 million, where you will want to spend almost all of your Rubies on Timelapses.

What not to buy

  • Relics - since you could just dump all of them into Forge Cores, which will be lost upon Transcending.
  • Gilded Heroes - you can get more than you can handle from zone progression.
  • Mercenaries - It has never been worth hiring Mercenaries with Rubies since you can go on Quests for new Mercenaries. If you really wanted one, you could also use an 8 hour Timelapse.
  • Quick Ascensions on the FANT - Even with only 2 or 3 levels of Outsider phan.png Phandoryss, this is not necessary.

Using Skills Effectively

There is excellent synergy between most of your skills, so you should try to use them grouped together whenever possible.

In late game, you can easily activate all of your skills for a couple of hours. If you don't have infinite skills, follow the tips below.

Generally, with Pluto and Bhaal, Golden Clicks and Lucky Strikes are the most important. If you don't have infite skills yet, use Lucky Strikes, Golden Clicks, than Energized Reload.

In normal game play:

  • Always use Clickstorm, Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, Metal Detector, and Super Clicks together. If possible, use Golden Clicks as well.
  • Metal Detector doubles Golden Clicks' effect.
  • Try to use Clickstorm and Powersurge together, while waiting for the longer cooldowns of the above abilities. Powersurge does multiply the overall damage by 2, and therefore does increase the damage of each click. Meanwhile Clickstorm increases Dps by at least x1.5 because of the exponential AC scaling, and about 3.2 if Golden Clicks is activated(because of gold.)
  • If you have unlocked all abilities and want a high DPS combo (excluding Dark Ritual) and you have gotten all non-hero specific upgrades (up through Frostleaf's Frigid Enchant), use your abilities in this order : Energize, Lucky Strikes, Super Clicks, Reload, Clickstorm, Powersurge, Metal Detector, Golden Clicks (8-3-7-9-1-2-4-5). Once Clickstorm and Powersurge are off cooldown, you can use them both with Super Clicks. However this is not always necessary.
  • If you're looking for high GPS (Gold.png Gold per second) (excluding Dark Ritual) and you have gotten all non-hero specific upgrades (up through Frostleaf nogild.png Frostleaf's last upgrade), as well as the self-DPS upgrades for your main hero, use your abilities in this order : Energize, Golden Clicks, Reload, Metal Detector, Clickstorm, Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, Super Clicks (8-5-9-4-1-2-3-7). You get 1/3 more gold if you use Energize on Golden Clicks rather than Metal Detector.
  • If you run into a Treasure Chest.png Treasure Chest and have some abilities ready, use the high GPS combo, but use Energize on Metal Detector rather than Golden Clicks. Only use Energize on Metal Detector if you are able to kill the Treasure Chest while Metal Detector is still active. Otherwise, use the high GPS combo normally.

If maximizing DPS is your goal, then follow these rules:

  • Use Clickstorm, Powersurge, Lucky Strikes, Metal Detector, and Super Clicks together (1-2-3-4-7). For maximum effect, use Energize, wait for it to cool down, use Super Clicks, use Energize again, use Lucky Strikes, and then use Clickstorm + Powersurge + Metal Detector (8-wait;7-8-3-1-2-4).

Keep in mind that an Energized Reload will reload the last two skills that were used (excluding Energize) instead of removing two hours of countdown on one skill. As such, the following combination is possible once you have 75% cooldown reduction (this combination is primarily used in the endgame, when a player is trying to reach the highest floor possible rather than constantly Ascending)

One simple pattern to follow is: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-6-9 (wait 15m) 8-9-1-2-3-4-5-7 (wait 15m) (repeat)

Note: This strategy is no longer useful, as it is now worth it to immediately ascend after failing a boss.


Now that achievements no longer give bonuses, it is not suggested that the player attempt to earn some of these achievements while trying to play optimally. Also, note that these are the far end of similar-goal achievements, so getting all of these achievements below will get you all of the achievements. (For example, gaining the achievement Complicit to Ruin (below), will mean you have already gotten the similar-goal achievements Herald to the Void, Host of the Gate, Traitor Ancient Crusher, Drinking Deep, and A Glimpse Outside as getting these achievements require you to have 200, 100, and 50 AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls, respectively. Obviously, once you get Traitor, you will already have gotten the other 3 AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls related achievements.) Many of the achievements will simply require following the general tips, and will be gained with time.

Name Icon Description Strategies
Complicit to Ruin
AS achie.png
Acquire 100000 Ancient Souls. Follow the general tips.
Hoard 5.000e31 gold. Follow the general tips.
The Big Cheese
Complete 2500 quests for gold. Use your mercenaries to quest for Gold.png Gold. Using the 5-minute Gold.png Gold quests are preferable, as it will get you the achievement faster.
Disciple of Solomon
Complete 2500 quests for hero souls. Do the same as above, except use your Mercenaries to quest for HeroSoul.png Hero Souls.
Exceptional Specimen
Get a mercenary to Level 25. You might need a rare mercenary or higher to get this achievement, as your mercenary will most likely die at least once before getting to 25, and you will need to revive it for free. So just keep making your mercenaries go on long quests, as they are more likely to die, and when one does, make one of your mercenaries quests for another one. Keep repeating this process, until you get a rare or higher mercenary.
67.66 Repeating
Bury Leeroy Jenkins. Keep making your mercenaries go on long quests, until one dies, then make one of your surviving mercenaries quest for another mercenary. Repeat this process until you get Leeroy Jenkins. You won't need to make him go on long quests, as he will eventually die as you make him go on more quests. Once he does die, bury him.
Worlds Strongest
Reach 1.000e55 DPS. Follow the general tips.
Team Leader
Have 5 mercenaries. You will start out with 1 mercenary. Make this mercenary go on a quest for another one. You will have 2, unless the mercenary fails the quest and dies. In this case, wait 8 real-time hours and you'll get another. Eventually, you will have 2. Make one of them go on another quest for a mercenary. Keep doing this until you get 5 of them.
Click 35 times in one second. Buy at least 1 Auto Clicker, use Energized Clickstorm, and manually click 5 times yourself. If you have 2 or more Auto Clickers, you won't have to click manually.
Get 10 Critical Clicks in one second. Use an energized lucky strikes ability in conjunction with Clickstorm to obtain this achievement.
Transcend achieve.png
Transcend. Once you defeat zone 300, click on the rightmost tab, and click Transcend.
Goodbye Cruel World
Is the real life.png
Ascend the world 250 times. Follow the general tips. Upon gaining this achievement you will start out with over 40000 click damage. (This achievement, the other ascending-related achievements, Frantic, Frenetic, and Bounty: Omeet, are the only ones that give bonuses.)
Recruit an Epic Mercenary
Recruit an epic mercenary. Keep making your mercenaries go on long quests, until one dies, then make one of your surviving mercenaries quest for another mercenary. Repeat this process until you get an epic mercenary.
Collector Collector
Complete 2500 quests for relics. Use your mercenaries to quest for relics. Using the 5-minute relic quests are preferable, as it will get you the achievement faster.
Red Planet
Complete 2500 quests for rubies. Do the same as above, except use your Mercenaries to quest for rubies.
Wow, really?
Complete 2500 quests for skills. Do the same as above, except use your Mercenaries to quest for skills.
Complete 5000

5-minute quests.

Make your mercenaries do 5-minute quests.
Boss Genocide
Boss Murderer.png
Kill 100,000 bosses. Follow the general tips.
Finger Amputee
Broken Mouse.png
Click 250,000 times. You will eventually get this achievement if you keep clicking, use Auto Clickers, or use Clickstorm often.
Filthy Rich
The 1%.png
Receive (cumulative) 1.000e74 gold. Follow the general tips.
Super Levelupper
Level up heroes 50000 times. After making significant progress in the game, you can level up all/some of your heroes to high enough levels to reach the required total hero levels. If you can level Wepwawet to level 1250, you can do the same with the rest of the heroes, and you will gain this achievement.
Funeral Director
200merc achie.png
Bury 200 mercenaries. As your mercenaries die, bury them, until 200 mercenaries have died and been buried.
200mercR achie.png
Revive 500 mercenaries. Keep making your low-level mercenaries and mercenaries with extra lives go on long quests, until one dies, then revive them. You only want to revive a mercenary with rubies if that mercenary is still in the low levels.
The Collector
Find 1000 relics. Follow the general tips.
Get 200 hero upgrades Follow the general tips.
Point of No Return
30kTrans achie.png
Beat Zone 1000000 after transcending. Follow the general tips.
Treasure Hunter
The 1%.png
Open 10000 treasure chests. Follow the general tips.
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