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This page is a collection of formulas used for calculating various in-game numbers.


Hero Cost Formula (cost of upgrading from "Level")

The cost to level up Cid-Summer.png Cid, the Helpful Adventurer from level 1 to 15 is:
floor((5 + Level) × 1.07Level - 1)
The cost to level up Cid-Summer.png Cid, the Helpful Adventurer from level 16 is:
floor(20 × 1.07Level - 1)
The cost to level up another non-Ace Scout by one is:
floor(BaseCost × 1.07Level - 1)
The cost to level up an Ace Scout by one is:
floor(BaseCost × 1.22 Level - 1)

Hero DPS

DPS of each hero, the number displayed on the right side of the hero's levelling buttons, is a product of

Total DPS, the number displayed on the upper left side of Hero tab, is a product of:

  • Sum of all Heroes DPS
  • Bonus from Siyalatas.png Siyalatas and Nogardnit.png Nogardnit (idle mode)
  • Bonus from Juggernaut.png Juggernaut Combo (active mode)
  • ×2 if Powersurge is activated (×3 with Energized Powersurge)

Hero DPS per Gold.png Gold

All character level costs use the same multiplier (Base×1.07Level). They also have the same scaling WRT DPS / level. The only difference is their base cost to base DPS ratio, and personal modifiers to damage. For example, 2treebeast.png Treebeast cost 50 gold for level 1, but gives you 5 base DPS (10:1 ratio), while Frostleaf nogild.png Frostleaf costs 2.1e27 and gives 7.5e22 base DPS (28,113:1 ratio).

Below level 200, the scaling is: DPS = BaseDPS × StaticModifier × Level

StaticModifier includes the global adjustment, personal modifiers and gilding, but does not change based on the level of the character. (At level 199, this is Static × 199×(1.07-199) = Static × 2.828e-4, or 0.03% the DPS/gold you got at level 1).

After level 200, the 4Level term starts to dominate, so we can ignore the other terms. You get

So each level is 1.2% less efficient of a DPS increase vs the cost to do the increase.

Each Hero is a little less efficient than the previous one. 3ivan.png Ivan, the Drunken Brawler being 14% less base efficient than 2treebeast.png Treebeast, down to a low of 13broyle.png Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage being 189% less base efficient than 12bobby.png Bobby, Bounty Hunter. After 13broyle.png Broyle Lindeoven, Fire Mage, each one, up to Frostleaf nogild.png Frostleaf, is a static 36% less efficient than the previous one. At a 25 level upgrade, this is 26.3% less efficient. Which is fairly close to the average difference between heroes. So ignoring personal modifiers, it is close to optimally efficient to level each hero 25 levels higher than the next hero.

HeroSoul.png Hero Souls awarded for killing Primal Bosses

HeroSoul.png Hero Souls awarded by defeating Primal Bosses:
floor(((Level - 80) / 25)1.3 × (1 + (Bonus from Ponyboy)))
Transcendent Power HeroSoul.png Hero Souls awarded by defeating Primal Bosses (only for transcendent player):
20 × (1 + (Bonus from Ponyboy)) × (1 + TP%)(Level / 5) - 20

Note: Omeet (Centurion Boss at Level 100) always gives 1 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls and 0 Transcendent Power HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, regardless of the formulas above.

Monster HP for levels

From Level 1 to Level 140:
From Level 141 to Level 500:
From Level 501 to Level 200000:
From Level 200001 onwards:

is the product symbol,

are ceiling brackets and

are flooring brackets.

Monster Gold.png Gold Drop

This is how much Gold.png Gold you will get (on average) from killing a monster. Gold.png Gold dropped is the product of:

Monster Gold Worth

This is how much killing a monster is "worth" - it is used in determining Gold.png Gold dropped (see above) and for the Golden Clicks skill. Monster worth is the ceiling (round up) of the product of:

Formula for sum of n1.5

The approximation below can be used to estimate the total cost of raising an Ancient with upgrade cost at level n equals to n1.5, from level 1 to level n:

where R≈-0.0254852. This result can be obtained with the Euler-Maclaurin formula. In practice, the terms after n5/2 can be ignored, leaving the following:

The cost to level such Ancient, from level x to level y, can be estimated using