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Forge Cores are a currency obtained by salvaging Relics from your Junk Pile. They can be used to upgrade your remaining Relics.

Obtaining Forge Cores

Once you have four Relics, any new Relics will end up in the Junk Pile. You can then switch Relics by dragging them out of the Junk Pile into a Relic slot that already has one and vice versa. You cannot ascend until you have gotten rid of all the Relics remaining in the Junk Pile, converting them into Forge Cores (however, you can still Quick Ascend by purchasing it through the Shop).

The number of Forge Cores depends on the Relic's level and rarity:

Rarity of Relic Forge Cores gained when salvaged
Common 5 × level
Uncommon 7.5 × level
Rare 10 × level
Epic 12.5 × level
Fabled 15 × level
Mythical 17.5 × level
Legendary 22 × level
Transcendent 26 × level

Spending Forge Cores

Forge Cores only have one purpose, and that is to upgrade your Relics. When you upgrade a Relic, the Relic gains value, and can be salvaged for more Forge Cores. The value increase of a Relic is proportional to the amount of tiers it has.

Each time you upgrade a Relic, the cost for a new upgrade will be increased exponentially. The cost is also affected by the number of tiers it has. After upgrading more than 8 times, its cost can easily get to thousands of Cores.

Because of the low starting cost, it is often useful to upgrade your Relics at least once or twice before salvaging them for a net gain of Forge Cores.


Forge Cores are kept upon Ascension, but lost upon Transcension.


  • Forge Cores were introduced in patch 0.19, along with Relics, but they had no use until patch 0.23.
  • Prior to patch 1.0, the maximum level a Relic could have was 50. Currently, there is no limit to their level.

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