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"You could spend hours visiting this monument, and when you leave, only minutes will have passed. Your immortal heroes refuse to approach it - but they do not explain why."


Chronos increases the amount of time given to defeat a boss.

Leveling Chronos

Chronos's summon cost is the player's current summon cost.

Chronos's cost per level is 2n, with n being equal to the next level.

All costs except the summon cost can be reduced by Chor'gorloth.

The additional seconds follow the equation:

+seconds to boss fight timers = 30×(1-e-0.034n)×Effect of Orphalas

The table below shows the effect of Chronos at certain levels (without the effect of Orphalas).

Lvl Cost Effect Lvl Cost Effect Lvl Cost Effect
1 Summon cost +1s 10 210 +8.64s 100 2100 +28.99s
2 4 +1.97s 20 220 +14.80s 200 2200 +29.96s
3 8 +2.9s 30 230 +19.18s 300 2300 +29.99s
4 16 +3.81s 40 240 +22.30s 400 2400 +29.99s
5 32 +4.69s 50 250 +24.51s 500 2500 +29.99s
6 64 +5.53s 60 260 +26.09s 600 2600 +29.99s
7 128 +6.35s 70 270 +27.22s 700 2700 +29.99s
8 256 +7.14s 80 280 +28.02s 800 2800 +29.99s
9 512 +7.90s 90 290 +28.59s 900 2900 +29.99s


  • This ancient has the fastest convergence among the ancients whose effect converges, (Atman, Bubos, Chronos, Dogcog, Dora, Fortuna, Kumawakamaru, Revolc, and Vaagur,) which is why this ancient ends up having the lowest level at optimal play, near the late game.
  • It effectively maxes out at level 1101.


  • Chronos, Ancient of Time, is a reference to the Greek personification of Time (not to be confused with the Titan Kronos). This word is the root of many words having to do with time, such as "chronology", "chronometer", Chrono Trigger and so on.

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