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Chor'gorloth is an Outsider that helps with Ancient cost. He decreases the number of hero souls it costs to level ancients. This, plus Transcendent Power, will help you to easily level your ancients to high levels. Here's an example.


Morgulis.png Morgulis costs 1 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls per level, which by extension means that for 100 levels he will cost 100 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls. However, with Chor'gorloth, you can level Morgulis.png Morgulis 100 levels for less than 100 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls. And also 1000 levels for less than 1000 HeroSoul.png Hero Souls! Sadly, Chor'gorloth's level can only go up to 150.

Level Cumulative cost (AncientSoul.png Ancient Souls) Effect (change in Ancient cost)
1 1 -5%
2 3 -9.75%
3 6 -14.26%
4 10 -18.54%
5 15 -22.62%
150 11325 -99.95%
n (n2+n)/2 -(100 × (1-0.95n))%


Chor'gorloth is a slowly scaling Outsider that reduces the amount of Hero Souls needed to level an ancient. During your first transcensions, Chor'gorloth is leveled pretty low, as other Outsiders such as Ponyboy and Rhageist are still quite valuable. However, the other Outsiders hit their diminishing returns quite quickly, and they stop being leveled. Unlike them, Chor'gorloth is slowly leveled more and more, and while not being as effective, is worth the Ancient Souls spent.

However, do not level Chor'gorloth excessively-make sure to balance your Ancient Souls between all of the Outsiders.


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