Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Seal of Wakening
Lvl 58000 Increases Ceus, Tomb Guardian's DPS by 1e1000%. The rod housed within the tomb is said to wake the slumbering. 8.000e25502 Gold
The Day Watch
Lvl 180000 Increases Ceus, Tomb Guardian's DPS by 1e2300%. Cadu guards the tomb under the bright veil of sunlight. 8.000e25502 Gold
Twin Snakes (Cadu)
Lvl 326000 Increases Ceus, Tomb Guardian's DPS by 1e2700%. The pharaoh enshrined within the tomb believed that, just as a snake is renewed through the shedding of its skin, he would someday be reborn into this world. 8.000e25502 Gold
The Sunspear
Lvl 495000 Increases Ceus, Tomb Guardian's DPS by 1e3100%. "There cannot exist shadows without light." 8.000e25502 Gold



  • All of Cadu's upgrades are for his brother, Ceus Ceus, Tomb Guardian. Being the elder, his upgrades come at a lower level and has lower effects than his brother's respective upgrades.
  • Heroes tend to have a lower DPS/Gold Gold ratio at base (a.k.a. "efficiency") the stronger they get. However, Cadu and Ceus have a higher efficiency than any other hero before them, making them incredibly useful.


  • The caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology.

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