• PotatoesTasteLikeChicken


    May 5, 2020 by PotatoesTasteLikeChicken

    I have played clicker heroes on a mobile device in the past and I made many brash moves when transcending, such as putting most of my ancient souls into Xylaquil and Chor'gorloth. It's been 3 years since then and I started a new account on my pc. I've been playing for 7 days total and I've transcended, my HZE is over 2K, and I can insta kill monsters untill around level 1900. Am I good for how long I've been playing?

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  • Okida26

    Beginning of a user's journey

    February 21, 2020 by Okida26

    Hello, I joined today, and fixed an error.

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  • Silver Wheelchariot


    September 26, 2019 by Silver Wheelchariot

    I hired Bobby and now there are no new heroes. I have 30 million gold. Help

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  • Kingof2019

    Ruby Codes

    September 7, 2019 by Kingof2019

    Does anyone have any ruby codes for poor me? Thank You!

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  • JD2004

    rip consecutive 100 days

    December 26, 2018 by JD2004

    I today lost all my 100 consecutive days progress,rip I will to do it again

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  • JD2004

    gold on actice

    September 16, 2018 by JD2004

    for me the biggest problem on an active build its the gold,i cant get a decent amount of gold to level up my heroes if i play actice,but if I play idle I can get a lot, can someone explain me how to get more gold playing actice (I play on mobile)

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  • EMP irrational

    Hello everyone, this is EMP irrational, and I've decided to take a break from the wikia, which may even be forever. I think it's time to let go of feeling like I have to be here, because it's easy for me to be trapped into the idea that this is something I can't give up. If I don't moderate this wikia, my OCD will start making me feel like I should. I am trying hard to fight it so I hope you understand this decision. You can find a list of all the members with user rights here. I am leaving GoBo15 in charge because he/she has been somewhat active. I felt like I couldn't because it seemed like everyone else wouldn't be as active as me. But I am not going to let thought take over me. I really hope this wikia expands in pages and in active me…

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  • TheUltimateGamer39

    Blig blog

    April 11, 2018 by TheUltimateGamer39

    (Saw a typo when typing title, decided to keep it.)

    Left clan today.

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  • TheUltimateGamer39

    ...Or maybe just my knowledge of it. I can't revert it.

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  • GoBo15

    Clicker Heroes Discord

    March 5, 2018 by GoBo15

    There is a Clicker Heroes Discord, but it is not featured on this wiki. I know someone on the Run Wiki who can add it to the sidebar of this wiki. Would you like that?

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  • GoBo15

    Plans for next patch!

    January 29, 2018 by GoBo15

    Note: I am not a developer of Clicker Heroes, I have gathered this information off the subreddit.

    Here is what is in the patch 1.0e11 beta:

    • Heroes:
    • Four New Heroes! (Apparently, they are rip-offs of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Strange how girls in purple and yellow dresses are more powerful than a glowing blue being which claims to be the first soul, right?)
    • Zone Scaling:
    • Monsters per zone now increases by 0.1 every 500 zones (down from 1). (They're changing Borb and Kuma though.)
    • Partial monsters per zone are counted as a chance of an additional monster.
    • Outsiders:
    • Borb now grows at a rate of 12.5% per level (up from 10%). (Kuma's being nerfed.)
    • Skills:
    • Clickstorm now provides a temporary +1 Auto Clicker (+2 when Energized) for its duration (…
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  • TheUltimateGamer39


    December 9, 2017 by TheUltimateGamer39

    As of 12-3-2017, everything is awesome.

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  • Karpkarp

    Beat R. Boss

    November 22, 2017 by Karpkarp

    Hi! I am Beat R. Boss! Tell me your HZTA (highest zone this ascension) and I will tell you the walliest boss that you've beaten! Mine is Octo! (P.S can you tell me your shortest lived merc!)

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  • EMP irrational

    Hello, everyone! I just want to keep this short and let you all know that this Clicker Heroes wiki is in need of new moderators, as I am currently the only active one. :(

    If you want to become a moderator of this wiki, please let me know. Here are examples of what you will be doing:

    • Remove spam comments and trolls.
    • Checking the wiki activity.
    • Help organize this wiki.
    • Help plan ideas for this wiki.

    All you need to do to sign up is to comment below asking for moderator rights. Please make sure that you have been on this wiki for more than two weeks before you sign up and that you are willing to contribute frequently (every day or even every other day is good enough).

    It would mean a lot to me, and to this wiki. I hope that you will enjoy your privi…

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  • ClickingLegend


    November 1, 2017 by ClickingLegend

    Welcome, im just now joining and this is my first blog. (so thanks for visiting my page and cya next post.)

    Clicker Heroes: HZE: 75 (Just Started), Clan: Still on request Playing on average 2 week's. :-)

    Reed Erwin,

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  • ObsessiveFujoshi

    A Bit About Me

    October 29, 2017 by ObsessiveFujoshi

    I've been trying to get out there more, kinda just...I'm not good at making friends, being social and all that. I'm shy, rude. I laugh at the wrong time a lot and I'm trying to fix that. 

    Basically what I'm saying is that I don't really know how to be social, I'm here to try and learn, so please bare with me please.

                                                                   Love, Jet =^w^=

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  • Zjaranyarab420

    Hero Souls

    June 7, 2017 by Zjaranyarab420

    I found out about Hero Souls.I thought that 10% isn't that much, but now, early mid game i know that it's HUGE. Worth restarting the game. I have no idea what to write about.

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  • Guyickazam


    May 16, 2017 by Guyickazam

    Hello and welcome to Guyickazam's Blog page!

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  • MaxiIsNumberOneDiscord

    how do i do this


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  • A quick brown

    A showdown of Builds. I'm seeing how good Active, Idle, And Hybrid really are. I record the results when a build can't defeat a boss. I don't regild(unless needed). No skills are allowed.

    I go to 1720. I failed!

    • 5.742e123 DPS
    • HZTA: 1719
    • 2.112e119 Click Damage.
    • 2,823K

    I go to 1585. I failed!

    • 6.303e110 DPS
    • 2.263e111 Click Damage
    • HZTA: 1584
    • 1,412K .

    I go to 1780. I failed!

    • 5.204e123 DPS
    • 1.868e124 Click Damage
    • HZTA: 1779
    • 5,824K .
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  • A quick brown


    February 25, 2017 by A quick brown

    Upgraded and . Sadly, I forgot to regild most of the gilds to (my first time of getting him). I hired with a 100 lvl !!!

    I zoomed up to 600. I then ascended.

    Regilded most of the gilds to (my first time of getting him).

    I'm upgrading heroes a lot for a bit. I stop insta-killing at first at zone 1736. I upgraded from 175 to 275. I'm insta-killing again. I upgraded to 300. I'm still insta-killing. is now 375. What a huge boost!!! I did x25 again(400). And again(425). However, I'm still insta-killing. I got to lvl 450, and got (I almost stopped insta-killing)! I quickly got him to 25, and got his first 2 upgrades. I'm rushing to the 19th centurion boss, and got to 75. I insta-killed the 19th centurion boss, but I stopped insta-killing aga…

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  • A quick brown

    Huge progress!!!!!!!!

    February 25, 2017 by A quick brown

    I can zoom past 2000. Hybrid has helped me soooo much and I can get 666,831,782.4%more gold when idle, and 14,221,500,000% DPS when idle.

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  • A quick brown


    January 31, 2017 by A quick brown

    I crushed Zone 1000 in 7 ascensions.

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  • A quick brown


    January 30, 2017 by A quick brown

    ager  erggr eagaa grg aaeg gare ger  yetjtyre ers wa 

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  • A quick brown


    January 30, 2017 by A quick brown

    tsrhtrtrh  trtr t rhtr ht

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  • A quick brown


    January 30, 2017 by A quick brown

    htrstrgbt t rg rr gaegre. e.g era. erg.e .gr. .r

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  • FallenTanks

    Battle of the HEROES!

    December 23, 2016 by FallenTanks

    This Blog will be the battle of the Heroes. Rules: We will eliminate the 5 Heroes with the least votes.

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  • FallenTanks

    Anyone know any ruby called codes?

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  • EMP irrational


    December 8, 2016 by EMP irrational

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'm keeping this Christmas-ish theme until January 2nd, 2016. Have a good time! ]

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  • EMP irrational

    ENTRY #5: Bringing this wiki back to life (November 12, 2016)

    Hi everyone, I've played Clicker Heroes for almost a year as I write this, and I've joined this wiki over 3 months now. I love the game, and I love this wiki. It has now finally occured to me, though, that this wiki is practically dead, in terms of administrators and bureaucrats. It's about time I step up and adopt this wiki. But I need your full support. And I know that this wiki will be improved, as long as I'll have bureaucrat rights, because you'll be able to ask me questions and make suggestions to make the Clicker Heroes wiki awesome. And I promise you that's going to happen, if you'll be happy to have me as a bureaucrat of this wiki.

    First of all, Blueeighthnote suggested t…

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  • EMP irrational

    Auto Clicker

    October 25, 2016 by EMP irrational

    ENTRY #4: In-game Auto Clickers (October 24, 2016)

    I've always refrained from using external Auto Clickers, and wanted to see what I could do without them. Then came update 1.0e5, and I've changed now.

    I can't say how good an auto-clicker is. Being able to level up heroes automatically during my insta-kill process, then clicking for me during my clicking period. I can't believe how good it is. Now, I can leave my game, knowing that my combo is increasing, and I'm gaining gold. And it's amazing.

    Optimal amount of auto-clickers:

    You'll want at least two, one to level up your main hero, and one to click, but you'll also want to save your for QA's. Buying another also costs 50 more , so you're probably not going to be able to get that many.


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  • EMP irrational

    Update 1.0e3

    October 8, 2016 by EMP irrational

    ENTRY #3: 5 Awesome Life-Changers (October 8, 2016)

    Yes, I know what you're thinking: Wepwawet

    This is the point where the Libertas/Siyalatas ratio for an Idle/Hybrid build, or the Fragsworth/Mammon ratio for an Active build changes from 0.926 to 0.905. At least, it used to be like that, until the 1.0e3 update made things slightly more complicated (but better).

    Get Wepwawet a thousand levels further, however, and you'd better change your ratio back. Why? Because Tsuchi is right there, waiting to be hired. And of course, like all the other heroes, he stops getting the 10× damage multipliers after level 8000. So what does that mean? That means that you can go back to the 0.926 gold/damage ratio, until you get Tsuchi himself to level 8000, when …

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  • EMP irrational

    ENTRY #2: OP MORGULIS (October 1, 2016)

    After the 1.0 update, I've heard a lot of newbs(no offense) say that as you level up Chor'gorloth, Morgulis becomes more OP. I don't know if those people can do math, but it's quite clear that they are not paying attention to the effect of Chor.

    The effect of Chor'gorloth is ancient cost reduction, up to a ~99.95% cost reduction at level 150.

    So that's it. That's all that Chor'gorloth does. So why do people say Morgulis is so OP?

    If you don't know, I use this to level up my ancients, with Vaagur , Revolc and skill ancients 5 levels lower than Chronos. I've recently switch from an Idle build to a Hybrid build(to get deep runs, of course). But anyways, back to my point.

    The calculator that I use has a form…

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  • EMP irrational

    ENTRY #1: THE 1.0 UPDATE (September 9, 2016)

    Wow, what a huge update. The goal of Clicker Heroes has changed from gaining hero souls as efficiently as possible to gaining ancient souls as efficiently as possible. It feels like there was a big gap between the 1.0 update and the 0.26 update.

    I just can't believe how much more powerful it is after each transcension. It's amazing.

    Transcending sounds a lot like ascending, and it also functions a little bit like it too. But what would I say about the difference between ascending and transcending? Well, first of all, you don't lose much when you ascend; all you lose is your zone progress, and the DPS from your heroes. But transcending? Now that's a different story. Upon the first transcension, and …

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  • MajinSoulReaper

    My Welcome

    June 30, 2016 by MajinSoulReaper

    Hi my name is MainSoulReaper, I prefer MajinReaper to be Blunt. my Guild "id" is [M]Reaper and I have my own Clan! "Majin Crew" is the name of it, We have a few members and may I say this. It'd be better if you've gotten a higher ranking in your Lvl's above 400 before joining. I'm not a Clicker Heroes "Noob", I'm very Familiar with the game as i've played it on Android/IOS and Steam. My highest Lvl at the moment as you read this, is 7,457.

    I don't have a life Ik-- Just kidding, I have a small job as a scripter/Coder for a team as we're working a project.

    Well, Feel free to "friend"/PM me any time! Bye =D

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  • BattleCatsAddict

    So i just trascended and i would really know how to restart. My stats got wiped all of a sudden, from level 1300 to 220. I trascended and i would like to know what heroes would be leveled first, what should be not, what are the best guilds or ancients to get first?

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  • AngelaNapoli2016

    On May 5, 2016, Acebatonfan stopped Mainstream Support for -- which is still an extremely popular operating system. But you'll still be able to use it safely for the next 3 months after this block. doesn't plan to stop playing ROBLOX - that's August 5, 2016, is to return to ROBLOX Wikia, from the Mainstream support.

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  • AngelaNapoli2016

    On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Community Central ended Mainstream Support Live for, aka "Chicken Invaders Channel", moved to Extended Support for in ROBLOX Wikia and editing continues on June 30, 2016. Wikia will no longer offer of no-charge incident support, warranty claims and design fixes for the, the Chicken Invaders Channel operating system.

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  • TheZoomingFastTyper

    March 12, 2016

    Taking advantage of Settings, my mobile run now has over 500 hero souls. Yesterday morning, I had only about 70 hero souls.

    I accidentally kept Lucky Strikes on while in the future, so last night I could actually kill a monster in about 1 second.

    That was quite awesome, even though one of my best mercenaries died. That mercenary cost 47,770 rubies to revive!

    Yeah, at this point, I'm getting quite OP. Don't you think?

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  • TheZoomingFastTyper

    Mobile Statistics

    February 18, 2016 by TheZoomingFastTyper

    February 17, 2016

    Got the mobile version. I now have a whole lot of stuff. From 24 hero souls to 3 relics. That is better than my last PC run...

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  • Magnifecent


    December 18, 2015 by Magnifecent

    I started playing this game.

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  • Pharuan Undearth

    I love editing wikias and other ancillary roles on similar sites. If there is an issue with an edit of mine, or if you want to talk, have questions on the wiki system, or about myself just ask. I will get back to you ASAP. Pharuan Undearth (talk) 18:19, October 29, 2015 (UTC)

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  • JackTheRipper5210

    My CH game is at level 70 (one ascension) two gilded heroes (Betty and Leon) with 500B DPS and around 450B Click Damage. I have level 251 Cid and level 17 Abbadon. Is this good?

    The other thing: The first person to know the reference on my Userpage will get to have me join their Clan (maybe)

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  • BattleCatsAddict

    Clan advice

    September 13, 2015 by BattleCatsAddict

    My clan is named Dankteam. My higher zone is 324, come. minimum hze of 150, max of 375. We can chat. Just tell me your name and i will accept yours. I am Dankmate.

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  • Popboy12

    All of the HYPE!!

    August 19, 2015 by Popboy12

    Is anyone else here HYPED About Clicker Heroes on iOS and Android? I hope it'll be awesome! I'm probably going to get it. If you could move your save over, That'd be COOL! Then you could level up your heroes on th go, wherever you go!

    Also I play Clicker Heroes on Steam, so Patch 0.20a Will be very exciting, because of clans. The nickname will probably be your Steam name or something like that. It's a good way to get more hero souls and a good use of rubies, if you have friends to play with, which I don't because I never told them about it xD. 

    Well, See ya later!


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  • Tostilord

    0.20 on Steam

    August 18, 2015 by Tostilord

    I am so looking forward to the Steam version getting the 0.20 update, it's been out for over a week now but steam is till in 0.19. I understand though, they want it as bug-free as they can get before they release it on something as big as steam. Doing immortal bosses just seems to ve so entertaining, I really how the system works.

    I'm the furthest player in my group by some distance and we thought it would be fun to see how far I could give people a boost. That will be a bit (or a lot I think) harder with the reward cap that is in place now but then again, it could have broken the game for the newer players in the group. I still hope the update is here on steam fast :)

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  • TheZoomingFastTyper

    I unlocked Grant the General and had enough $$$ to level him up eight times.

    I passed Level 100, and after Grant the General got leveled up the monsters in the level died within 1 frame.

    I love just not being on the page. I get offline $$$.

    I can't wait for 120! :D

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  • TheZoomingFastTyper

    I got 1000s+ from being idle and hired 2 heroes. I leveled up heroes about by a few hundred levels or so, and within 1 frame the monsters died.

    I had progression mode on when said moment happened. Even the first boss I got to died within one frame. But the boss at level 95 wasn't like that, unfortunately. Amenhotep has gotten to over level 150, so I can ascend now. Cid has gotten past level 600. Treebeast has gotten to over 500.

    I can almost kill Omeet on Bloodlands Level 100. But I can't completely, though. Quite unfortunate. My total levels from heroes is over 8,000. That means if I ascend now I will get 4 hero souls.

    TheZoomingFastTyper (talk) 18:11, August 14, 2015 (UTC)

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  • A.Jones

    Details on hero's gear

    August 8, 2015 by A.Jones

    Someone should add what gear there wearing from cloudstone. Gilded/nonguilded.

    It would make for some interesting trivia.

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  • Lazarow25

    Q&A Page

    July 23, 2015 by Lazarow25

    Post your questions in the comments that you need answering about Clicker Heroes, or answer other people`s questions by replying to them. I will be editing this blog post from time to time to add the questions and answer. Before asking a question please make sure the question has not been asked on this page Reddit FAQ Page

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