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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Wilderburr Dumplings
Lvl 10 Increases DPS of all heroes by 20%. "Delicate and oh so delicious, these delightful morsels make you very vigorous." 2.000e5 Gold.png
Braised Flamingogo Casserole
Lvl 25 Increases DPS of all heroes by 20%. "You know what they say. An army runs on good homemade Casseroles." 5.000e5 Gold.png
Truffled Trollgre with Bloop Reduction
Lvl 50 Increases DPS of all heroes by 20%. "A new dish I came up with. It's exquisite." 2.000e6 Gold.png
Foomgus Risotto
Lvl 75 Increases DPS of all heroes by 20%. "One bite and you won't have to eat for days. It has something to do with the magical qualities of the Foomgus." 1.600e7 Gold.png
World Famous Cookbook
Lvl 100 Increases your Click Damage by 0.5% of your total DPS. "This is the most famous cookbook ever written. It contains recipes that make your clicks do huge damage." 1.600e8 Gold.png



  • Betty Clicker is one of two heroes that don't have any self-DPS increase bonus.
  • However, Wepwawet.png Wepwawet's third upgrade increases Betty's base DPS by 500,000,000% (500 million percent).
    Way of the Chef


  • Betty Clicker is a reference to Betty Crocker, a line of cookbooks and baking products.
  • On the mobile version (iOS & Android), she is called "Betty Tapper".
  • Fragsworth.png Fragsworth's description mentions Clicker: You are brimming with anger for no apparent reason. Betty asks "Are you okay?" You blow over and shoot a barrage of insults about Betty's cooking until she breaks down and cries. You feel no regret for what you've done until long after you leave the ancient...

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