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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Lvl 10 Increases Atlas's DPS by 100%. Breathes new life into heroes with lost hope. 1.000e56 Gold.png
Band of Brothers
Lvl 25 Increases Atlas's DPS by 100%. "Stand by one another. There's strength in numbers." 2.500e56 Gold.png
Lvl 50 Increases Atlas's DPS by 100%. With all the fighting going on, its a wonder how there's no medical staff on board. 1.000e57 Gold.png
Fully Charged
Lvl 100 Increases Atlas's DPS by 150%. "One speech is all it takes to put a fire under their asses." 8.000e57 Gold.png



  • Atlas is a reference to the Greek titan of astronomy and navigation.
  • The weapon Atlas is wielding is almost identical to the Blue Power Lance from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.
  • The upgrades Medic and Fully Charged in order is possibly a reference to the shooter game "Team fortress 2". Also, the Resurrection upgrade may be a reference to the game mode "Mann Vs. Machine" from the same game.
  • Atlas is the only character to swear in the entire game.
  • His flavor text used to be much longer, but it was changed in patch 1.0e11, due to a bug where you couldn't see gilds put on him because of his long flavor text.
    • His old flavor text was "Once a captain of a warship, he was condemned to depths of the sea after his ship was struck. He remained at wheel navigating the rough seas long enough to save the lives of his crew. Lying on the ocean floor for more than a century, he was resurrected and granted the power of the blue ring which draws its strength from his loyal heart."
  • Atlas is the first hero to get away from the Power Five, or the next hero to buy when you unlock it.


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