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An Ancient Soul

Ancient Souls are the highest obtainable currency used in Clicker Heroes, obtained by Transcending.

Obtaining Ancient Souls

Ruby (1).png

After level 300, you will unlock the Transcension tab, marked by a levitating eyeball, the Ancient Soul symbol. In it, are the Outsiders as well as the 'Transcend' button. By pressing the button, you will sacrifice your Gold, Heroes, Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics, Forge Cores and Gilds (except for Gilds purchased with Ruby.png Rubies, which are restored gradually) in order to receive Transcendent Power and a certain amount of Ancient Souls.

The sum of the unspent and spent (on Ancients) HeroSoul.png Hero Souls defines the number of Ancient Souls that will be earned this way. This follows the logarithmic equation:

AS = floor(5 × log(total HeroSoul.png Hero Souls sacrificed))

In other words, every 5 levels, the cost multiplies with 10.

The table below shows some of the HeroSoul.png Hero Souls costs between your 1st and 100th Ancient Soul.

Number of AS Minimum HeroSoul.png Hero Souls required
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 7
5 10
6 16
7 26
8 40
9 64
10 100
11 159
12 252
13 399
14 631
15 1000
20 10000
25 100000
30 1000000
35 10000000
40 1.000e8
45 1.000e9
50 1.000e10
60 1.000e12
70 1.000e14
80 1.000e16
90 1.000e18
100 1.000e20

Spending Ancient Souls

Ancient Souls can be spent on the Outsiders to help speed up gameplay. In contrast to HeroSoul.png Hero Souls, unspent Ancient Souls don't provide any bonuses, so you should always make sure to spend every Ancient Soul you have available. Below is a table with a summarized explanation for each Outsider:

Name Effect Maximum Level
Xyliqil + (1.5level × 100 - 100)% effectiveness of all idle bonuses. None
Chor'gorloth - ((1 - 0.95level)× 100)% Ancient cost. 150
Phandoryss + (level × 100%) DPS. None
Ponyboy + (level2 × 1000)% more HeroSoul.png Hero Souls from Primal Bosses. None
Borb + 12.5% Effectiveness of Kumawakamaru.png Kumawakamaru per level. None
Rhageist + 25% Effectiveness of Atman.png Atman per level. None
K'Ariqua + 50% Effectiveness of Bubos.png Bubos per level. None
Orphalas + 75% Effectiveness of Chronos.png Chronos per level. None
Sen-Akhan + 100% Effectiveness of Dora.png Dora per level. None

Transcendent power increases the number of Primal HeroSoul.png Hero Souls dropped, with a higher bonus at higher zones.

For a more detailed explanation of each outsider, go to this page.


Achievement Name Icon Description
A Glimpse Outside
AS achie.png
Acquire 50 Ancient Souls.
Drinking Deep
AS achie.png
Acquire 100 Ancient Souls.
Ancient Crusher
AS achie.png
Acquire 200 Ancient Souls.
AS achie.png
Acquire 500 Ancient Souls.
Host of the Gate
AS achie.png
Acquire 1000 Ancient Souls.
Herald of the Void
AS achie.png
Acquire 10000 Ancient Souls.
Complicit to Ruin
AS achie.png
Acquire 100000 Ancient Souls.

Gold.png HeroSoul.png Ancient Souls 066.png Ruby.png