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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Soul Gem of Hearts
Lvl 602000 Increases Ace Scout Rose's DPS by 1e5800%. The heart and soul of the Ace Scouts' power. 4.000e108005 Gold.png
Violet Staff
Lvl 1204000 Increases Ace Scout Rose's DPS by 1e5800%. Only one letter off from violent. 4.000e108005 Gold.png
Phlegmatic Wings
Lvl 1806000 Increases Ace Scout Rose's DPS by 1e5800%. You recall seeing her before and she looked the same then as she does now. She may be immortal. 4.000e108005 Gold.png
Ace Transformation: Rose
Lvl 2408000 Increases Ace Scout Rose's DPS by 1e5800%. The Ace Scouts are interdimensional travelers whose true origins are unknown. 4.000e108005 Gold.png
Ultimate Torrent
Lvl 3010000 Increases Ace Scout Rose's DPS by 1e5800%. An outpouring of love and support. 4.000e108005 Gold.png



  • Heroes tend to have a lower DPS/Gold.png Gold ratio at base (a.k.a. "efficiency") the stronger they get. However, Ace Scout Rose has a higher efficiency than any other hero before her, making her incredibly useful.
  • Unlike previous heroes, Ace Scout Rose has a levelling cost increase of 22% per level (previous heroes have a 7% increase per level.(Also, 25 levels will cost ~144x) However, rather than a 4× or 4.5× damage multiplier, she has a huge 1000× damage every 25 levels.


  • Her name is based on one of the four main characters in The Golden Girls TV series.
  • Her color and weapon are based on TMNT's Donatello.
  • Phlegmatic is one of the four temperaments.
  • Hearts is one of the four suits of French playing cards.
  • Torrent represents water, one of the four classical elements in ancient Greece.
  • The "god-king who creates new universes" is presumably 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep.
  • The level requirement for all of her upgrades is a multiple of 602.

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