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Upgrade Icon Unlocks Effect Description Cost
Rise of the Dead
Lvl 10 Increases Abaddon's DPS by 125%. Abaddon can raise the corpses of the fallen, to fight by your side. 3.200e15 Gold.png
Curse of the Dark God
Lvl 25 Increases Abaddon's DPS by 125%. "To call this a 'Curse' is a misnomer, mortal. This power is a blessing." 8.000e15 Gold.png
Epidemic Evil
Lvl 50 Increases Abaddon's DPS by 125%. "The powers of darkness breed more powers," he says. Abaddon is kind of scary. 3.200e16 Gold.png
The Dark Ritual
Lvl 75 Unlocks the The Dark Ritual skill. The ground beneath Abaddon glows with runes. He beckons for you to help him with his final ritual. 2.560e17 Gold.png


Skill Name Icon Description Hotkey Base Cooldown
The Dark Ritual
Multiply your current DPS by 1.05 for the duration of your world. Stacks up to 20 times per ascension. 6 8 hrs



  • Abaddon is the name of a place of destruction in the Hebrew bible, and as the name of the "angel of the abyss" in the New Testament.
  • Abaddon's Dark Ritual skill may be inspired by a curse technique used by the character Hidan from the Naruto series.
  • Abaddon is mentioned in Hero upgrades for 18mazhu.png Ma Zhu and 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep:
    • 18mazhu.png Ma Zhu's upgrade Ancient Wrath: "I fear you may not be balancing the powers of the Gods," Ma Zhu tells you, hinting at this upgrade. "Abaddon is a dangerous one".
    • 19amenhotep.png Amenhotep's Genesis Upgrade: "Foolish Mortal! You have let Abaddon grow too powerful," He scolds you. "We must undo what has been done! It will take time. Do not let Abaddon know."
  • The Ancient Morgulis.png Morgulis's description shows Abaddon speaking to the player about death: Approaching the monument, you begin to feel as if killing monsters is a natural thing in life. It is as necessary as breathing, and eating. A voice startles you from behind. "Death is good" he says. You turn around-it was Abaddon. He was following you. "Their death brings you happiness and gold. It feels good, does it not?"
  • The Ancient Kumawakamaru.png Kumawakamaru's description mentions Abaddon as well: A darkness radiates from the monument, causing many things to become difficult to see. You catch a brief glimpse of movement nearby... Was that Abaddon? Upgrading this ancient will allow you to sneak past monsters when exploring.
  • In the very first version of the game, instead of giving DPS boosts or rubies, Dark Ritual would increase Abaddon’s DPS by 1% per level, along with the level up boost. Unfortunately, the video showing this has been removed.
  • If all the heroes were lined up alphabetically, he would be first.

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